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  • You acknowledge that Trump will be worse for the Palestinians, right?

    Slightly maybe? If it’s at all possible to be worse than Biden.

    In the long term Biden and the Democrats learning that Genocide is not a great way to campaign is far more important. Rewarding Biden guarantees he will keep doing it and nobody in the Democratic party will have any incentive to change.

    Luckily for the Democrats they have a great excuse to replace Joe Biden right now because sticking with a geriatric will guarantee them the loss.

  • Ps - I am inferring that you will not vote for the Democratic nominee unless they are not Biden, so do correct if I’m wrong on that

    You can go back in my post history like 4 months I have already clearly stated that during the Michigan uncommitted votes. Far before now when everyone is now trying to get rid of Biden for his age which is another group of people that won’t vote for Biden.

    Biden has crossed a red line. And unlike Biden in Rafah, crossing a red line for someone with principles means that it’s Joever. Biden had his chance to redeem himself and he decided to ignore it so surely he doesn’t need those votes right?

    If Democrats keep Biden in they must be very confident in all those votes he gained from supporting Genocide.

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    Joe Biden known for? Genocide.

    Hitler is known for? Genocide.

    He says forget about the Genocide thing for Biden

    So if Genocide is not a big deal, forget about the Genocide thing for Hitler. Now suddenly Democrats must find Hitler very appealing next to Trump.

    I bet Democrats would vote for Adolf Hitler if he ran against Trump. And just to be clear this last sentence is not sarcastic.