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Yeah but why would I create a GUI if there is already one? Te whole purpose of Tauri to replace Electron in a more efficient way without the need to create a desktop app which is different from the web app. The only thing I should do would be to port Lemmy Web to Tauri or am I missing something?

Would it be too hard to make a Lemmy desktop application with Tauri?
Since both are written using Rust, I figured it would be super nice to have a desktop application using their toolkit. I was wondering if it could be considered by the developers and if anyone has any idea how hard would be to create it for someone who's not a developer. Since you are technically not coding, maybe it feasible?

I think something similar is brought up in Ralph Koster’s A Theory of Fun for Game Design where he explains problem solving in real life are basically algorithms applied to the abstraction the brain creates of reality, and then the same is applied to video game mechanics.

Ding ding ding, found a glowie.

Wow, the CIA sure is pretty fast to get some shills to shit on any communist group bigger than 2000 people.

I mean, you need money to pay for hosting and maintenance, specially if it is a big game with millions of people, I agree that games as a service are a fucking big of an issue (AccursedFarms has an hour and a half long video which even has some legal background on it) but it is different than this.

So the idea was to become virtual landowners? Fucking disgusting.

Yes and no, according to Marxist theory, socialism or the dictstorship of the proletariat is the previous step where you build and improve your means of production, develop a counter superstructure to the previous capitalist one and fix certain issues regarding social inequalities, before reaching what is known as a classless society, or also called communism, anarchism or anarchocommunism. Anarchism does not agree on this, though, since authority for it is inherently wrong and malign, therefore it calls for a direct transition between capitalism and classless society.

Regarding social democracy, you should be opposed because it is not socialism in any way, social democracy means liberalism which means capitalism, and the bourgeoisie will never achieve anything more than the bare survival of the proletariat.

Also, you may be confusing social democracy witj democratic socialism maybe? They have similar names but different praxis.

I think sex work will dissapear but not sex videos, people who have a voyeuristic fetish will keep filming/watching, imo, for example.

Every down vote to this post is the proof of Westerners being blind to reality, you are only hurting yourselves and this is good for the global south, please keep accelerating your collapse.

Imo, unless you are getting old or you have some trouble with your muscles or it is excesively cold you should be fine as long as you start slowly and start accelerating progressively.

Yeah, my bad, I’ve read it as “what furries are tho”.

What. How do you not know what a furry is.

It is a complex issue, I did not mean to be aggressive, it is just hard to get to my point in a brief way.

I disagree, though, I do not think this inherently an issue within capitalism, since anything can be ludified and whst is presented here is not something out of ordinary for video games. I guesd we are so used to that our video games are about combat, war, murder and shooting that when we see something different it just doesn’t seem a correct way of spending our time.

Ahh, yeah, people should go and play Chess, a real mature, Western and totslly not a waste of time that maeks you smart guy gaem, not this silly little waestin timers siemulaetr. Silly kids, in my time we used to hunt and torture squirrels for a game!

I completely disagree with you and your conceptions of what a game should be about. Can you come up with a definition of what a “fun” or “challenging” game is? This same critiques are done by 4channers to shit on video games that provide different kinetic experiences like walking simulators because they “do not have mechanics” or “are not challenging”, wheres in my opinion this genre is the one who has brought the most mature retrospection to the medium.

I know it seems futile and and capitalist and so on, but the things people are saying here can be applied to mostly every video game, where your objectives either go from point A to point B, do repetitive stuff over and over and so on. Video games that simulate real life event have been going for a lot of time, yet I do not see anyone hating on fishing games because of it, or driving games, or futbol games… Why wanting to play as a virtual basket ball player is a valid gaming experience but using a washing gun not? They both in the more “primitive” of analysis achieve the same thing, the fullfilment of a task by which you are rewarded. Not everyone wants to speedrun Super Mario 64 with a blindfold, some want what video game theorist Jesper Juul calls “Casual Games”, which are also know by some as relaxing games, where the level of complexity is lower and allows the player for a more comfortable experience where loosing is not as hars or non existant at all.

Games are literally about “wasting time”, according to capitalist ideals, this is equal for Chess, Counter Strike and Powerwash Simulator, the differences relies on how do you approach this experience. We live in a hard world, people are constantly suffering a shit ton of everything, if people enjoy playing these kind of games because it provides a little bit of escapism then I am happy for them. There are valid critiques for this and other titles, but such a flat view over such a complex topic such as Video Game (I dare you find a definition of what this means that more than 5 academicists can agree with) is not one of them.

If anyone is interested I highly recommend reading “A Theory of Fun for Game Design” which goes about what fun means, what is a game, how is it art and how can math be used to express this art.