I’ve used VS Code for a long time, but have recently grown weary of Microsoft’s approach to OSS. I’ve checked out VS Codium which seems like it might be a great option.

What text editor are you using?

You mean there’s something other than vim? The hell you say.

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I feel old, I’m still using vi.


vim in terminal
Notepad++ on Windows
VSCode on MacOS

All using Solarized Dark for the color scheme.

I do not code, so take what I say in that context. I use Geany because it does many things - and a guy who won a coding competition says he uses only Geany. Geany is far lighter than Atom (which is owned now by Microsoft). Geany handles markdown fairly well and I use mostly markdown. But, plan to learn a tiny bit of code. For terminal, i use use nano or something similar called micro. Both nano and micro can open/use markdown (.md) or .txt, and, though they cannot open .rtf, if i use Ranger terminal file manager, they can show the preveiwed contents of an .rtf file, but cannot open it to edit it that way. Geany can open .rtf if it has no graphics - so text only. If there is formatting added, though, it is an ugly sight. I am testing software on a slow HDD in order to have a very light, fast system and Geany does fine on it.

Cream is gVim, but with many features that should make editing easier for Vim beginners
i will try this out - - rationale :
.1) only 1/3 of “Kate” 's footprint (16MB download, 74MB on HDD ) on xubuntu 20 lts
.2) code folding (collapse and expand) and so many features even before plugins.

just yell at me if this is a huge mistake !

Kate and anything KDE is HUGEEEEEE. I hate KDE and won’t look twice at any program now that starts with the dreaded K.

My first computer had 3584 bytes of RAM, the O.S. was 16kB, so my feeling of “huge bloat” start at very small numbers 😆 !


Out of curiosity, which computer and operating system did you have at the time?

Commodore VIC-20

On Linux, neovim. On Windows, EditPad Lite.

I waffle between nvim and Kate, depending what I’m working on.


I’ve been using nano for CLI stuff and VS Code for coding, but I’m looking at VS Codium now. Looks very interesting.

Lots of people mentioning vim and vscode. Know that there is a vscode extension aptly named vim that brings vim keybindings and capabilities to vscode. It’s a really nice mix!

Have been using Emacs for over a decade, and I’m fairly happy with it.


I used Sublime Text for a very long time, but I’ve been using neovim for a year now and I really like it. ST is an amazing piece of software, but I enjoy working on neovim more. I use IntelliJ from time to time in Java or Kotlin projects because they are simply unparalleled.

mainly neovide

… “GitHub - neovide/neovide: No Nonsense Neovim Client in Rust”
so : neovim contains nonsense 😆 !

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