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  • Yes, and you do it at the point you need to work on that feature. The business pay for it when they want the change.

    You do not pay for the refactor with your time, if the company won’t pay to fix their code. Just make it clear the risks and how bad it could be if you carry on with duct tape fixes.

    You have to be strong and firm and not agree to hacks. You need to work with your team to ensure you’re on the same page rather than getting undermined by cowboy dev claiming he can do the feature in 2 days when it needs 2 weeks to do the necessary work.

  • Many studies have looked into this, culture etc. For example how people conducted themselves in say Nazi Germany or during the Rwandan genocide.

    Simply trying to understand how so many folk can commit such atrocities.

    Knife crime is viewed differently in areas with high amounts of it. It’s more shocking in an area it doesn’t exist. In an area where folk growing up knowing or seeing people being stabbed, it’s seen very differently.

    I don’t think juries should necessarily take it into consideration, but understanding situations, it’s quite relevant. If you’ve stepped into both poor and rich areas, you’ll understand the differences.

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    Depends on what you are referring to. If Linux Mobile, Android apps can be run on Waydroid and there is a compatibility layer like Wine available. However, for Linux Mobile, you’ll open up Gnome and KDE apps. In Plasma, you have kirigami which enables convergent apps (that work on desktop, mobile and tablet). As it matures, more apps will be developed that supports it.

    The world and ecosystem now doesn’t define the ecosystems of the future.