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  • Not really a “hack” but I don’t know why most people get into phone contracts.

    Since college, I have always just bought unlocked phones with cash and then used the carrier’s prepaid plans and set it to auto pay.

    I pay so much less than most people I know, I get all the same service, and my phone isn’t tied to a contract or carrier, so I can cancel my plan whenever I want and switch to another carrier by just buying their SIM card for ~$20.

    My current phone is an unlocked Pixel 6a that I got on sale new for $300. I have unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 a month. And if I get sick of my current carrier or they bump my cost, I can just switch to anybody else for just the cost of a $20 SIM card.

    I have so many friends and family members that complain about their phone bills being super high and their service sucking, but they can’t cancel their contracts without paying off their huge balances plus the interest and usually cancelation fees. Plus, because their phone is tied to the contract/carrier, they can’t even keep transfer the phone to the new carrier and have to get sucked into a “phone trade-in” deal and the cycle continues.

    And for the folks saying that most people can’t afford to save up and buy a phone outright, there are a lot of places that offer payment plans for the phone, or you can buy it on credit and pay it off that way, which would likely be less interest over time. Or you could buy unlocked used/refurbished phones for 25-50% off their normal price.

    Maybe it makes sense if you get a stipend from your company, or you bundle it with a bunch of other packages like cable TV or internet, but for just a cell phone, I just don’t get locking yourself into a crazy contract.

  • Sure, Russia can peacefully withdraw from all the Ukrainian territory they seized and respect the long-established border of Ukraine.

    Russia is the largest country by area in the world, with trillions of dollars of natural resources/rare-earth materials. It shares borders with China, the up-and-coming other world power, and borders the pacific ocean, allowing for trade routes to some of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world.

    But instead of harnessing those resources, shoring up power and influence with potential allies, they elected a pseudo-dictator douchebag, sat with their thumbs up their asses, and decided the best way to gain power and influence in the world was to bully smaller bordering nations and invade their territory with a pathetically weak and ill-equiped military.

    And then Putin and his muppets blame the US and NATO for “encroaching on them.” As if trying to take back a tiny sliver of former USSR territory will do anything to make their country powerful or wealthy.

  • Tuesdays are the worst for me.

    Monday has become such a meme that it actually can be a decent workday. I know some workplaces bring in snacks on Mondays specifically because of the “It’s a Monday” thing. Plus, if I had a good weekend, I still feel a little bit recharged from it going into the work week.

    Wednesday is hump day, which for me is encouraging to know that once lunch is over, I am halfway through the week.

    Thursdays are sucky, but not too bad because you have Friday to look forward to, and Fridays obviously are right next to the weekend.

    Tuesdays are still in the first half of the week, but they don’t have any of the culture of memes around them to make them fun, even in a “we’re all in this together” kind of way. So for me, they are the worst.