I am a 22 years old vegan SysAdmin nyanya studying Web Developing.

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To find an alternative to the common and the other side of the Fediverse where I could fit.

More distraction free shell than OS itself.

As a DB Adminitrator which is part of my SysAdmin curriculum I tell you.

  • MariaDB has nothing to do from MySQL development from a lot. It is independent.

  • utf8 was maintained for compatibility as an alias (since 10.6) to utf8mb3 but can be changed in configuration to point utf8mb4.

  • Default configuration and several SQL sentences have changed compared to MySQL.

I tell you this by direct experience in the process of learning by using MariaDB and my classmates using MySQL.

We already have MariaDB for any improvement from MySQL.

In some Spanish news known blog (Xataka or Genbeta) they published as if was a thing from the European Union.

Spain is not the majority

You lost the point here

Mexico, Indonesia

I would tell you to get informed. The first has that and the second has RPI projects.

Windows or KDE

KDE an OS wtf. The worse is even that is multiplatform being even in BSD-derivatives.

salesmen, his show


Idk what kind of series or films you check but not including phones (there are several) I mostly see neutral custom graphical shells and you can guess that tries to imitate one or other but it is a fact.

Coriander. Its smell and taste makes me feel nauseous.

What are you talking about?

Please, investigate a bit about the government distros in Spain used in schools like mEDUxa in the Canary Islands which is just a rebranded Ubuntu and with support from the educational team and some company hired by the local government for such purpose.

Well, I know people who break their MicroUSB type B every time and the connector on the phone. I don’t think that MicroUSB type C will improve the situation at all so wireless charge is an advantage.

There was a meme around that word in Pleroma time ago.

Most people just call it “post”.

The second statement is true partially.

There is a WIP to make OpenPGP forward-secure. Specially in the Delta Chat team but it is being still worked.

Subject encryption is something that exists IIRC.

Yggmail support and portable email servers is being worked in Delta Chat.

For the first you already have Autocrypt implemented in several clients including Thunderbird and Delta Chat.

DHL is the service used by Pine64 to send packages internationally.

I tried to buy a piece in two different timea and DHL tried to make me pay 100€ more because I lived in the Canary Islands. Likely 34 of that quantity was because my Zip code was classified as a “remote area” by them.

They have also lost packages in shipments from things I bought in other store.

Lemmy Matrix room in Spanish

I recently created a Lemmy room in Spanish for the people who use Lemmy and speaks Spanish as main language…

How many people here has Spanish as main language?

I was interested in creating a Matrix room for Lemmy in Spanish if doesn’t exist already. …

Wrong URL termination in several posts in Lemmy

I don’t know if it is a tendency in Lemmy but I have started to see that several new posts in Lemmy finish with the “?” symbol without sense, like when you make a request in a form…

As suggested by the name and explained a bit by the issue, some Delta Chat devs want to add .tgs format, based on Lottie, as option (and could be main format by now) for stickers pack and this is where they are starting. …