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Check their actual github repository for screenshots and more info

I’m the 3 cases on the 2nd diagonal

TL;DR: Neovim.

Because I feel exceptionally happy today, I’m going to talk about my journey among text editors:

Unnecessary text

I will start from Vim.

I started using Vim 5 years ago.
i = 0
while (still using vim) and i < 6:
test Emacs vanilla
give up with Emacs vanilla
wait 1-4 months
test Emacs Xah-Fly-Keys;
wait 2 months
Back to Vim.
Test again vanilla Emacs 2 more times while using vim.
Test again xah-fly-keys Emacs.
After Several months…
Upgrade to Neovim!
2 days later: Back to Vim.
X more time.
We are on Q1 2020. Let’s use Doom Emacs!
While using Doom Emacs I copy vim configs to Neovim because I got bored of Doom for a week.
Doom possesses me for 2 years (while still using Neovim for terminal things sometimes).
2021 Summer I move my Vimrc configs on neovim to Lua. Still Doom.
Doom Emacs decides to no longer open and freezes on startup. Nice.
Now I’m on Neovim. Waiting for nativecomp Emacs. I still regularly open Doom Emacs to check whether it got fixed magically by itself (no luck as of today).

I’m happy with with neovim currently. I feel like neovim is like more robust and Doom Emacs can like do many many super cool and maybe little things, but sometimes decides to bug itself. Hard choice.

Well, I’m being marginalized on my “friend” group for not wanting to use facebook products or similar proprietary software. 😃. That’s how this alternative weirdo thing is working in my case. It hardens significantly this thing about making relationships, with or without the opposite sex, mostly because of this era in which we live where we should not be physically meeting with other people. I just smile 😃. So that’s how I deal with it.

Did you just say anime girl? I didn’t know about that one

I have been interested on V on the past. However, I still don’t get how V software like this and the compiler itself can get that much stars on github. The more I think about it, the less I happen to trust V and the people around it, and the less I’m interested about thinking more about V and researching for information to stop myself from losing interest on this project. If at least I would see more software being written in V, but I don’t. So I’m not sure how the compiler has almost half the stars Rust has.

Although it is cool, that is my current situation with respects to V.

I’m not sure if it is ok to laugh with this one, but I did

They mention a lot of times something like there is not enough standardization between distributions or that between one system to another there are too many differences, making “Linux” unable to be better suited for gaming, I guess. So well, I believe what they mean is that there should be some kind of a single distribution and a single way of doing things under “Linux”. So I suppose that is the “solution” they propose?

Everybody knows, that is basically impossible in this community. They should know that too. And I think there are a lot of good reason for this community to be “fractured”. Maybe the proper solution is just too hard. So that is what I’m thinking about. Which would be a proper solution? Containers maybe? Some days ago I think I saw some kind of post about Zig trying to solve this problem too.

Wait 2 weeks before start going back to the gym, so that all the people with “year resolutions” get bored and make room for me.

Just wanted to mention that, according to GNU, Bookwyrm is nonfree because of being licensed under ACSL. I don’t know the implications of this license on forks.

It’s been a long time since the last time I read from ambrevar’s blog. Forgot how interesting his articles are

Not going to classify myself as communist or non communist or whatever, but just wanted to mention we may not even have a few decades

At first I thought the plant was twerking

I wouldn’t call them "synonyms for pyramid scheme"s, but what I’m sure about is that people that is into this only cares for the amount of money they might gain for shilling some kind of seemingly interesting project that could change the web itself. A lot of money. A LOT OF MONEY. The only thing I see is just a bunch of slobbering dogs chasing tasty projects to invest in.

I cannot see the files/pictures (no js). I think they are referring to this. I also found a pdf version.

That man is wearing an opaque tie!!! He must be a terrorist!

that is in fact a kind of good reason not to publish the code yet. However, what if they stay in beta for years? or what if they wait enough so that people just stop caring if it is proprietary or not. I don’t know how many more arguments to make against. What I know is that Brave Search is in a kind of delicate position, and I’m not sure if things will go well around it (brave search).

and they have not released the code yet, which they said they would

I think I did. I might have not understood it. However, is that response enough? Shouldn’t Signal have some kind of audit by authorities to confirm it is true what they responded?