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I finally got around to setting up the e-mails correctly for my instance ( and noticed that the e-mail deliver-ability is awful, as I get heavily penalized by spam filters for having an .xyz domain. I would not be surprised if search engines penalize this too. It is not a simple task to change a domain name for an instance without breaking federation, so once you have a federating instance you are are stuck with that domain name. I would not recommend picking an .xyz domain for your instances unless you intend it to be a private instance forever. If possible, try to go for a .com, or some other more standard TLD!

Split Linux Instance
In an effort to move community communication (announcements and discussion) away from Big Tech and protect users from generalized monitoring, I just set up this instance and am already excited about lemmy! It's extremely fast and seems to be very robust. Is there a tool to import all previous posts ([r/splitlinux](

In looking for instances or subs with novel moderation policies
Sortition, back in some of the old greek citystates, they would simply draw lots for political offices. Essentially meaning random people get to be mod. This is meant as a way to limit corruption. By divine graphology. Meaning that candidate mod write something with pen on paper, and a council of divinely inspired priests judge the aptitude, character, skill, and more based on the writing (not the text, the strokes themselves). This would probably lead to a society with incredibly pretty (and probably illegible) handwriting. Anigarchy. The original founder of the instance rules absolutely, this remains possible long after their death, through shamans who are able to communicate with the souls of the dead. Reincarnation, like the dalai lama, the same person is continually reincarnated in new bodies to continue their rule. The method of the least willing. There is an addage about the best leaders being the ones who don't want the job. Why not turn that into the basis of your mod hunting? Actual anarchy hive mind, no mods content removed once it gets reported enough

Jeremmy: Lemmy Instance
The community of communities. Jeremmy is a general purpose (without political related/explicit communities).

Subtlefuge Lemmy Instance
Just a new Lemmy instance, still trying to figure out just exactly what it's going to be. Plan on messing around with a custom lemmy-ui instance, as well as possible bridges / integrations with other services like Mastadon, Matrix Server (bridged w/ IRC, Discord, Telegram, etc..), Custom Laravel Backend, and some cool bots to add some useful functionality.

Mujico – A Spanish-speaking instance
Found this while observing

Hi, I tried to make a classic interface for Lemmy. U can see this in ![]( My work is available for general use, if you want - you can find the necessary folders on my github. It is necessary to install both of them. I will try to support Lemmy feature updates for this UI. A few clarifications: >- This UI only works when selecting the theme "Litera.css" > - Other themes don't work as they should > - I have already started developing a dark theme It still has a lot of bugs and redneck code (mine), but it's convenient to use it.

Group.LT - sometimes we speak Lithuanian here. Kalbi lietuviškai?
Lemmy instance run by lithuanians, but not only about lithuanians.
Group.LT - sometimes we speak Lithuanian here. Kalbi lietuviškai?

New Spanish-speaking instance: Lemido

New instance:
I decided to make a new instance to go with my first instance This one is for, but not limited to, leftists in the US state of Ohio (The buckeye state). I'm also sitting on some domains for Cleveland, Ohio ( as well as the state of Michigan ( and Detroit, Michigan ( I'm not quite sure when I'll set up the other instances. I may give the domains away to the right person/people when the time is right. Overall they cost me like $45 a year altogether.

Small instance for Engineers On Planet Earth. Anything Engineering/Technology related with minimal politics.

If you want, you can access your MetaMask wallet on different computers at the same time. To do so, you do not need to log in to your account using your MetaMask login credentials. However, you need to use your 12-word secret recovery phrase to access your wallet on any device you want. Once you are into it, you can access your ETH address easily. Setting up your MetaMask Extension are extremely facile, and once it is done, you get access to the “Assets” option that offers the list of all assets you own and the “Activity” section that helps you keep tabs on all of your crypto transactions. Read More: Metamask Login

Dissonanz - A new instance
I heard about lemmy and had free space on my server. Everyone is free to join.

New Instance LemmyONE (was mentano)
Had personal resons to rebuild and center a new instance

Col·lapse: Collapse, climatic emergency, peak oil, etc.
Collapse, climatic emergency, peak oil, etc.

Fapsi - An instance for all the creative. No matter if you’re a writer, author or illustrator.
My intention behind the instance is to provide a place for creatives to discuss or present their work. Mastodon may be all good, but a topic tends to get lost quickly, and for authors and writers the character limit is usually an obstacle. In contrast to the usual instances in the Fediverse, on Fapsi no one should be condemned if you link to your book on e.g. Amazon. Also, nerdy discussions about Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPG are very welcome.

Federation problems?
For the last couple of hours our server hasn't gotten posts from

Trying again with updated 0.13.3 lemmy
So now I'm trying with my test server running lemmy 0.13.3

Lemmy - A Lemmy instance managed by a FLOSS fan.
Hi, could you link and allow my instance please. There will probably be only me and maybe a few friends. I've been a reddit lover for years now and I'm looking forward to discover lemmy.
Lemmy - A Lemmy instance managed by a FLOSS fan.

Odium - Transgender related news
We are an existing small tight knit group of friends looking to aggregate transgender news particularly related to MTFs ( most of us are MTF trans) but anyone is welcome! We would like to be able to interact with your Lemmy instances too if you would please whitelist us Thank you

Odat Lemmy - Federated communities
[Odat]( is a federated platform open to everyone.

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fedilink Lemmy Freedom - Instance setup to promote the truth.
Thought I would share here the instance I have setup on Lemmy to promote the truth and to fight censorship online. I have enabled federation on my instance and have added communities to it. Feel free to take a look!
fedilink personal lemmy instance
Hi! I setup a personal lemmy instance al, with the last RC (I like to live in danger). Probably it will be only me here (pretty cold and dark). Anyway I wish to be allowed or linked in list. I don’t understand the difference between **linked** and **allowed** instances in
13 personal lemmy instance

Small new instance from germany. I use this for testing things and would like to see it grow. federation is on and I would like to federate with the "big ones" :-)

german lemmy instance
hey, i set up an instance for a german speaking community. (everybody else is welcome as well) i'd like to support the whole project and idea of a federated network. the instance is set up for federation with, so feel free to add it if you like : )
Hello everyone, I have my Midwest, USA oriented instance up. It's not federated yet, although I think it's ready for federation since I added and to it. This is very much a personal project of mine, so there may be mistakes made in deploying it from time to time.

New instance (testing for now) running on Rock64 !
Hi all, I've been experimenting with my Rock64 (one of Pine64's SBC), and I have a running instance on it at It's mostly for testing, it's not always online, but I'd very much like to experiment with federation more ! I'd very much appreciate if I could federate with you :) I don't really have plans for it besides playing with other Fediverse instances (Mastodon running too), at least for now. For a single user experience it seems to be perfeclty fine.

no pretext - an inclusive lemmy for communists and anarchists
hey there! I made this a while back with the intention of migrating a facebook group to it, but some \~drama\~ happened, as it so often does, and that fell through. had some friends post in it for a little bit, but that fell off, so figured I'd federate and see if some *other* people were interested in joining. kind of going for a more friendly, community vibe -- it's all in the description lol. love the platform and would love to build a nice little space with it!
Now, []( has a Lemmy Instance. is a website that offers self-hosted services, like Misskey, for cool nekos (and humans).

New instance! (Mander)
Hello! I have decided self-host an instance as a little side project because I really like the concept of lemmy. I am a scientist by profession and a naturalist basically since birth, so I have decided nature and science to be the focus of my instance. The website is I have enabled open federation, so if anyone wants to federate, let's do it! The more the merrier :-) EDIT: I decided today to rent a small VM server to host the instance, rather than hosting it from my home computer. So it should remain stable.

New instance
Hello. I’m Cricri, from This is a new multithematic instance of Lemmy in Spanish. I’d like to federate with this instance. We have a Code of Conduct to ensure a good enviromment.

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How do I subscribe/view/post to other instances
I know I've been asking a lot of questions recently, I'm just trying to learn and gather info about this new place I understand that the instances are like email. I have an "Gmail" account that can see and send messages to an outlook account, but I can't use the Gmail to sign in to the outlook website. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to view, subscribe, and post to other instances from mine. I have tried searching for them using the !(communityname)@(whateverinstance).(something) format but nothing seems to come up, and the only time it has it just brings me to that instance and I couldn't do anything since I didn't have an account on that instance. am I missing something? For extra info I am mainly using the android app (from GitHub not the Play store), and my main account is on Thanks for any help, hopefully I can stop inandating you with questions soon enough and start to fully contribute to the fediverse!

Lemmy website instance statistics
All lemmy sites: **This post only collects lemmy websites** I suggest you submit your URL in the comments ......

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