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Yeah. In 2020-2022 it was cancelled and publishers had their own video streams during that time instead.

There have been trolls who select an instance with no membership applications and then start posting their garbage. There may have been some from Fapsi, but I don’t remember Fapsi having become any kind of safe haven for trolls. The instance also looks like having actual content, so I don’t see any point in defederating from it.

One segment of far-righters here in Finland parrots QAnon talking points. If they try to raise a satanic panic, it’s the 90s all over again.

Good to know that linear TV is even less worth watching in Britain.

This is another trial, after a month ago when Jones was ordered to pay $50 million dollars to Sandy Hook victims.

Apparently the hacker has got his hold on the source codes of both GTA V and GTA VI and is going to sell them to the highest bidder. If that happens and all that source code leaks, then all hell is going to break loose – for the hacker trying to stay hidden and of course for Rockstar and Take Two. And of course we will not hear or see anything about GTA VI for a looooooong time.

There has been many leaked videos and it all looks carefully crafted (albeit heavily in progress), it can’t be fake.

Most likely I hang out with my friends. I also try to learn Angular by doing an Udemy course paid by my former employer.

As a teen I tried to learn game programming with CoolBasic that is a 2D game engine made by Jukka Lavonen. For some time I was interested but by the time I got into the engine’s object-oriented aspects, everything past that point went over my head.

Later in university I learned the basics of Python and Java. I still considered programming hard and boring, and didn’t think of wanting to work as a software developer. Everything is hard in the beginning. Then I realized that working on my own programming projects and learning programming actively could be a good way for getting a job, so then I really got into programming. Thanks to that, I have worked as a software developer in a couple of companies.

But that is just your own opinion, and in a general sense Reuters is considered a reputable news outlet. Of course Reuters isn’t “pure” or unbiased but no news outlet is. Also, from a moderation perspective it is easier to not allow articles from a site known to be a tabloid, rather than judge each article in a case-by-case basis.

Plus Zelensky said in March 2022 how he doesn’t expect Ukraine to join NATO “anytime soon”, even though efforts were made before the war.

This was a welcome surprise, and Shigeru Miyamoto usually doesn’t come as a special guest for nothing. In 2015 he said how Pikmin was in development and “very close to completion”, so many things must have happened. But a new Pikmin game at last, brilliant!

In the 60s, American politicians were pissed because they couldn’t put black people or hippies into jail for no reason at all… until cannabis was criminalized.

Wait until Zoomers become teachers.

And the leaders of a wolf pack are usually parents, not because they are “alphas”.

Based on those reasons for a ban, no. This applies also for many other Lemmy instances.

The whole concept of beta and alpha males is pseudoscientific garbage. The notions of what manhood is are changing, and I don’t see that as a negative thing.