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This reminded of the son zone, as told by this vintage rage comic.

This would fit ! better.

Yes. I’d rather be the “eccentric uncle QuentinCallaghan” to my siblings’ kids than a father to any kid in a world like this. I’m so used to having my own independence and freedom, and I’m a hedonist to some extent. Also having kids would require a relationship, and the Yellowstone volcano erupting is more likely than that.

Don’t dead open inside

Now that the resemblance has been mentioned… It cannot be unseen.

“This is good for the Fediverse” is the new “This is good for Bitcoin”.

This would be more fitting for !

Can’t remember the exact way I found out about Lemmy. I must have been browsing Reddit or Mastodon and suddenly there was lots of talk about Lemmy.

Anarchy symbol and a swastika? That fellow isn’t really consistent with his beliefs.

Same, didn’t know about Organic Maps already. Might as well test it, as currently I am using HERE WeGo.

Oh, congratulations! When I opened the page, I expected it to be upside down :D