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A few days ago, a page was published in the Fediverse where you could check which Mastodon instance is blocking whom in the Fediverse. This was made possible by a programmer who used the new Mastodon API introduced in 4.0 and automatically read out the blacklists of the instances. The reaction to the page was quickly visible, especially in the hash tag #FediBlock. There, the first administrators began to demonize the page and cried about how it would allow them to read their blocklists. Not only that the blocklists are publicly viewable, but that it tastes like a filth that #FediBlock apparently thinks it's okay to publish blacklists with hatespeech-like reasoning to denounce, but won't allow anyone to use their blacklist to point out which instance is blocking which. Thus, it clearly shows again that #FediBlock is solely a pillory to those who seem to have achieved nothing in their lives. However, the information about who blocks whom is in many ways more than just interesting for those who want to choose an instance. As it was already written in a [German thread]( about the topic, it would be helpful to know whether you reach your target group at all, if you register on an instance. The fact that #FediBlock is so hostile toward this doesn't exactly represent the transparency they're aiming for, but rather anarchy/dictatorship. And exactly for transparency reasons, I'm glad that I was able to download this list early enough to make it available to you. For those who now want to complain to me, because I have published this without their "consent", please send an e-mail to, the request will then be forwarded to my lawyer! And those who are so hungry for consent, you should think about whether you #FediBlocker have the consent for your nonsense?

Their goodbye letter :

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