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  • Thanks for the prompt! I am trying to talk more publicly about all this fediverse internet hubub thats swirling in my head lately. There is a massive seachange here that feels possible for maybe the first time in my adult life and I think it will only get there if we all really push for the fediverse to become what we desire in the world.

  • I ran across this exchange with Ghost CEO John O’Nolan on the Product Hunt announcement:


    Wow great work, do you think payments will start to also go this way with Ghost in the future? As ActivityPub is decentralized, maybe having some decentralized type payments fit into the future

    John O’Nolan replied:

    yeah! I think crypto is actually starting to get interesting for the first time now, because most people are no longer interested in it. Generally that signals the end of the hype phase and the beginning of practical utility - so I’m very interested in exploring how decentralised payments could work in Ghost in the future. There are all kinds of interesting and legitimate and interesting usecases which Stripe (mostly Visa/Mastercard) refuse to support

  • Well the part that excites me is that Ghost is one of the biggest newer CMS’s started after Wordpress. Ghost is also open source so at least the work they do can be reused into the future (unlike say Threads or Flipboard) and we will suddenly have the ability of a lot of large parts of the web to be able to switch on federation without much effort. Look at all these large entities that use Ghost. Everytime one of these big players joins the fediverse there is this overflow effect onto little community players who might have chosen to use Ghost or WordPress or Flarum etc a long time ago and suddenly without the individual sites having to do much they can grow a whole new audience. So in short, I don’t use Ghost and am not personally super excited by the project, but I am excited to see who it ends up bringing in!

  • Ghost was originally just for blogging, but they recently decided to take on Substack directly so now they do both. I think Buttondown originally came out of Mailchip being shitty and then they were also taking on Substack so I think this move is that if they team up together and also with the fediverse they have a shot at directly competing with Substack (in the VC minded way I assume)