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No, just grey. I want to focus on what’s in the windows.

[OC] Geometry from another universe (interactive)
Walk around a house that exists in a non-Euclidean space called a 3-sphere.

acme from plan9port, emacs, sometimes vi depending on the situation.

Great, thanks! I guess I will post again if I see still see it happening with future comments.

Thank you for the incantation! I’m able to subscribe to things now.

Only some comments are being federated
Lemmy.ca currently shows 22 comments on [this post](https://lemmy.ca/post/14043), but its native instance, lemmy.ml, [shows 35 comments](https://lemmy.ml/post/84452). It's not (or not only) a matter of only older comments being present, or of comments being from different instances: for example, [this comment from a lemmy.ml user](https://lemmy.ml/post/84452/comment/84632) doesn't appear on lemmy.ca but [this later comment from a different lemmy.ml user](https://lemmy.ml/post/84452/comment/84707) does. Is this a known problem?

I noticed that at the [list all communities page](https://lemmy.ca/search/q/crypto/type/Communities/sort/TopAll/listing_type/All/community_id/0/creator_id/0/page/1) I see many communities from lemmy.ml, but not all of them. The two I happened to notice were "covid" and "crypto". I'm new to Lemmy and don't know what would cause this. I found [this earlier question](https://lemmy.ca/post/6845) but the answer implies at least there's a way for a lemmy.ca user to subscribe to the community in question, and I can't figure out how to do even that. I tried going directly to https://lemmy.ca/c/coronavirus@lemmy.ml but I'm taken to a page that says "Couldn't find community.".