Greetings, I always had a problem with a site called reddit,yes lemmy is not reddit,and yesterday I have been permanently banned from it.Mostly there are two reasons: anti-migrant statements, and speaking against LGBTQ .I don’t want to do self-censorship.So is this site for me or should I find another one ?

deleted by creator is not for you. Bye!

Nope, Lemmy is not for you. Have a good day.

You might want to try one of the chans or free speech reddit clones, perhaps? is definitely not for you, but you will most surely find another instance accepting you on If you don’t find anything that suits your needs you can also run your own instance.

Thank you for your advice I never knew there is something like that.I will try to build a lemmy instance on my server.

Time for another racist Lemmy instance!


I got permanently banned from Reddit after being on for 10 years for suggesting that rapists be castrated. They are going way too far. That being said, you’re probably going to get a lot of pushback from your views on here.

Hello, just before you get appalled by the nonchalant attitude of some of the users (and I honestly wouldn’t blame their resentment) let me clarify some points.

Basically, lemmy is decentralized and federated; there are numerous independent servers that host lemmy with each its own rules and values. Right now you’re on which is a leftist instance. To find an instance that’s more suitable to you check

Nobody mentioned this yet, but Lemmy is federated. It’s impossible to be fully censored since you can run your own instance. (You might have a hard time finding people to federate with you though)

You can chill a bit with the nice people here, no need to spark debate.

Why would I do that?

Based on those reasons for a ban, no. This applies also for many other Lemmy instances.

This site isn’t for you. You’re a migrant in nearly all countries that you would go, LGBTQ people don’t need anyone to speak against them. Thanks and bye.

Thanks for the advice I would definatly move on to 8kun.


Maybe pawoo or gab could suite him?

good luck with all the pedophile content!

I really don’t think we should accept ideas in large font


Nice Paradox

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