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It’s still designed from an existing enzyme. Would be cool to actually make a 100% engineered protein.

@dessalines you’ve been hacked right?

I believe the article only refers to neutral networks. I’m trying to build what you’re referring to in your ideas, though ;)

No it doesn’t as a whole, but I understand the concern. Users have differing views on the matter, which is okay as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Public restrooms and safe injection rooms are a good start; here it seems to work. Also, do people who are homeless by choice have the same behaviors or needs as the other two groups, statistically? That would be interesting to research…

Still could convert to kg/m s²K…

Team building

Proceeds to punish team members for not attending it.

That precisely describes my experience with OpenSCAD. It only has a few functions that are summarized in a nice cheatsheet, so the learning curve is basically nonexistent.

Linux is a very heterogeneous platform. I’d say trying to make malware compatible across distros could be quite a challenge, and not very profitable.

Nothin’ suits me like a suit ;)

I’m pretty positive that would also apply in Britain.

Well, I like being able to select “All” and “New” at the same time and still get some high quality content without being overwhelmed by reposts.

This! I’ll save this quote for later, thank you!

It’s pretty nice that you distrust big pharma, but imo you should discuss your concerns with your doctor

I tested the same bus company page later and it seems to work most of the time on Firefox, but not reliably (i.e. the other day it just happened to not work). So apparently, they did test it, just not well enough.

To be honest, you can stop all of the symptoms with that… But what about the rubber duck? And the bowling pins? Also that EKG doesn’t look healthy…

I have heard of plans to create a Fediverse Foundation though…

Sandsifter is a tool to find undocumented instructions, hardware bugs, and bugs in (dis)assemblers, emulators… Given the large number of anomalies it typically outputs for each run, I’m surprised that no one has tried to collect all of them in one place. I must have missed it somehow…


The Great Josh Battle just finished!

For anyone remembering that meme from like a year ago about hundreds of people named Josh that would fight each other… Well, it happened today, and was beautiful!..


A website asking me to “disable ad-blocker” has the balls to tell me I should turn off Firefox Tracking Protection. That’s like saying “yeah, we absolutely want to track you across websites, would you do us a favor and let us do it? Please :)”…


The webpage monitors Fediverse growth and activity…