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I do have to admit that they are pretty fun sometimes. Maybe that’s why it’s so dangerous. It’s dopamine inducing propaganda.

BookWyrm looks interesting! I think I’ll try it out.

This is probably why conspiracy theories are so dangerous and powerful, they ultimately can’t be entirely disproven even though they are still unrational and unreasonable.

A bit off-topic: there have also been initiatives to reduce the tax for oat milk. My favorite example is when multiple cafes came together for a protest to simply sell coffee with oat milk with a 7% tax instead of 19% (they sued themselves afterwards).

So you’re saying that it could’ve been done in order to eliminate the possibility that Germany could change their stance and start importing russian gas again?

I’ve heard multiple times that the US could’ve done it in order to sell more LNG. But I still don’t see how this makes much sense since Europe has virtually stopped most gas imports from Russia. AFAIK both Nordstream 1 and 2 weren’t even in use any more. Or am I missing something?

I was using Lemmur with the AMOLED theme which is pure black. But yeah, with the web UI gray dark theme its definitely usable.

Sadly doesn’t mix very well with dark mode. It practically becomes invisible.

Ich würde sagen, dass es größtenteils Kontext abhängig ist. An manchen Stellen sind das “Wir” wahrscheinlich die Leute von der Zeitschrift und an anderen sind die Leser/Gemeinschaft der Ökosozialisten gemeint.

Oh, that’s unfortunate. Hope you have fun with the game though!

>Revolutionary Papers is a transnational research collaboration exploring 20th century periodicals of Left, anti-imperial and anti-colonial critical production. An interesting collection of leftist newspapers, magazines, journals etc. from the global south of the past.

Inserting the community with the instance into the url when using the web UI also works. For example, if you would want to subscribe to the Technology community but you can’t find it with the search function, you could enter https://midwest.social/c/technology@lemmy.ml to subscribe to the community. From what I’ve heard, communities not being searchable is because no one else from your instance subscribed to that community yet.

Is there a restriction on how much of the game you can share? Also, have fun!

I’m unsure if China should even be called socialist anymore.

I’m not entirely sure, but the Lt. of the PD was quoted giving this hypothetical scenario in which such a robot could be useful:

“I mean, is it possible we have an active shooter in a place we can’t get to? And he’s fortified inside a house? Or we’re trying to get to a person —”

Probably not the offense of assaulting an officer but rather destruction of government property.

page named dataisnewoil

Is The New Oil the website you were referring to?

r/UpliftingNews could also be a contender when using Reddit.

This would mean sharing content under the users name without their consent. I don’t think I have to elaborate on why this is a problem…

If a mod or admin wants a title changed then they can ask the user or just remove the post if it breaks a rule. Lemmy DMs and comments do exist for a reason.

You’re right. There’s even a section in the Docs dedicated to this topic.