(He/him) I’m a socialist/Marxist amateur writer. I like cats, foxes, science fiction, science fantasy, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Message me for my roleplay ideas!

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Does "change your password because Twitch got leaked" actually make sense?

Look, I’m not going to get into whether you should be using Twitch or not, but the reality is many people do. I’ve been seeing increasing calls, particularly on Discord servers, to change your Twitch password, and on any site you use the same password on. …

Vulpix is my favourite programming language!

The outrage over paper straws has shown us that most consumers are not willing to sacrifice ANY personal convenience for any sort of greater good.

Okay, if I knew that was allowed, I’d have picked my own worldbuilding too! I want to be an intelligent fuzzy animal who drives a spaceship damnit!

That doesn’t sound weird. It sounds wicked cool! So it’s basically a lucid dream but with continuity between dreams?

Culture is even more space communist than Star Trek? Cool, now I have to check it out!

Star Trek, by far. Gimmie that space communism!

Runners up include the universe of the Ori games, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (not so much regular Pokemon tho).

Interesting how it was a climate activist that they used this on first. Not a sexual predator, suicide bomber, or drug lord, the genuinely undoubtedly horrible kinds of people that the State tries to convince the public these surveillance legislation are targeting.

One group is ignoring the time tested and comprehensive science of vaccines, the other group endorses it?

Many subreddits go private in protest to Reddit's tacit endorsement of vaccine misinformation.

Basically what I’m getting from the general reddit-wide user response to this is “I support protesting misinformation that had already proved deadly as long as it doesn’t inconvenience me in any way, and that includes where I go to meme and shitpost.”…

One side is making up “evidence”, appealing to people’s raw emotions, all the while snorting horse medicine while yne other wants people to trust a science-based technology that is proven, effective, and very low risk. But sure if you say so, both sides are the same.

If your version of “free speech” means not being allowed to “censor” patently false information that has already proven deadly, I want no part of it. People’s lives are more important than your “right” to open your mouth.

Here are mine in no particular order:

  • Pokemon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

  • Ori and the Blind Forest

  • Warrior Cats

  • Over the Garden Wall

  • The Netflix Voltron series (the earlier seasons)

  • Disenchantment

  • Fox and the Hound (both the book and the Disney movie)

  • Final Space (Netflix series)

  • Persona

Many of these gave me goosebumps (or tears) the first time I saw them, which IMO is a pretty good benchmark for a good story.

Their response in a bit probably: “Actually, we weren’t asking your permission.”

Guns? Try anti-mask anti-vaxx sentiments. Those are the real killers right now and Florida is the fucking worst with them.

It’s @nutomic@lemmy.ml’s instance. I believe he has notified for quite a while now that he’s working on Lemmy mostly these days and no longer has time for the Peertube instance.

I like foxes because they’re cute, clever, and adaptable.

The most powerful Western countries have and still do resort to censorship to keep their ideas popular. The Red Scare for example, which technically never ended since communist parties are still likely illegal in the US (“likely” because the law is ambiguous but I can’t imagine the courts will just say it’s fine if it ever went to a hearing). Communist parties have also recently been banned in Germany and Poland.

You underestimate how much anti-left propaganda the West pumps out

Companies will block it because they’re actually the ones that run the country. Just you wait.

I know that a lot of people don’t think very highly of songs tied to some other media franchise, and think even less of fan-made works for that franchise, but I really like these songs, and Blixemi’s a really talented amateur singer songwriter. …

This picture isn’t mine BTW. I don’t have an Apple Watch and never want to buy one. …

What piece of media gave you goosebumps?

I’m not talking about something scary, but rather, a piece of media that was so powerful or resonated with you so much that it gave you that goosebumps and chills effect…

My post isn't getting pushed to other instances

I made this post from lemmy.ml to a community on lemmygrad.ml, but I noticed that while it shows up when I load the community from lemmy, it doesn’t show up on lemmygrad. I checked the modlogs on lemmygrad, and there’s no record of the post being removed or me being ba…