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Surely there are healthier ways of dealing with abuse fantasies. Seeing a therapist for example.

Just saying, this situation is the opposite of “video games cause violence”. People who do this already enjoy this stuff.

How exactly is “I’m sharing my code with you so you have to share improvements you make to it back to me” considered political?

I hate to say check your privilege, and I know it’s become a meme, but check your privilege.


The ability to choose to be non-political, and to demand conversations or spaces be non-political is evidence of an invisible privilege not accessible by all.

This was a pretty popular meme format among a… Certain group of internet users. The green hand resorsenting an anonymous person (“anon”) should give you a hint of which group.

Trigger warning: the image within is a cartoon/comic of physical and emotional abuse.


So I’m not surprised that this is happening.

And of course they went with the protect children route. Like they think sex offenders obey the law and won’t use E2EE just because the government tells them not to.

It’s also a guilt trip/thought stopping strategy. It’s designed to make anyone who supports E2EE look like pedophiles or pedophile sympathesizers and effectively kills any discourse on the matter.

This is for an internet “challenge” isn’t it?

The answer is no either way. It’s a stupid idea and will give you frostbite. Frostbite can permantnely damage your skin and make you partially or completely lose feeling in that area. Your little stunt can have lifelong consequences.

Lemmy straight up doesn’t use analytics lol

Mods can set their subreddit to approved posters only.

The devs are communists. A lot of us were attracted to Lemmy instance because of that. Lemmy was also promoted in some communist communities, particularly as Reddit seems to be banning them.

Logical fallacy. I said nothing about the dollar yet you assumed that just because I’m against cryptos I support it.

Maybe it worked for a little while, but it clearly doesn’t anymore, and there is no real solution to make POW and co. sustainable, either environmentally or in terms of control of the infrastructure.

Then again, POS gave us NFTs and shit like that.

Basically, trying to improve cryptos is trying to polish a turd either way.

I’m talking specifically in the context of types of cryptocurrencies most cryptoheads are fans of. These don’t apply to things like China’s Digital Yuan.

In no particular order:

  • Horrible for the environment.

  • Is partly responsible for the ongoing hardware shortage and scalping epidemic.

  • The epitome of capitalism: Playground for investors, essentially giant virtual casinos. Most cryptoheads seem to be fixated exclusively on the idea of making quick money without having to do any actual work.

  • Riddled with outright scams.

  • Unregulated, extremely unstable, and therefore almost useless for real financial transactions.

Cryptos are scams and casinos for the rich. Always were, always will be.


And these are the people most likely to tell homeless people to “just get a job.”

Wireless charging is also about half as efficient, and the extra heat generated is pretty bad for your battery.

It’s been going on for years now. Not just with Bing, they give you a prompt like within Windows too when you go to change the default browser.

Same with Google. They promote chrome for all browser searches.

Dessalines is right. They can’t keep getting away with this.

Ferret pog


Does "change your password because Twitch got leaked" actually make sense?

Look, I’m not going to get into whether you should be using Twitch or not, but the reality is many people do. I’ve been seeing increasing calls, particularly on Discord servers, to change your Twitch password, and on any site you use the same password on. …