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What you are saying in this entire thread is completely and utterly contradicted by everything going on in that CIA AMA, did you notice?

Go find Adrian Zenz picture with Sintash in Radio Free Asia office. One search away.

We declare ourselves to be Justice League of the world and the damage caused to be collateral.

  • WEF, not Netflix

Most Western corpos are told to direct masses in this way, to become narrow minded capitalist consoomers.

Modern apps not running on older Androids? How often has this case existed, that apps are made by developers with exclusively the latest 1-2 OS version APIs? I have about 300+ apps I use, and NOT ONE of them is developed like this. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

I have seen this case existing precisely 3 times in Android history:

  • during the 2.3-4.0 jump (massive hardware and OS featureset jump)
  • during the 4.x-5.0 (64-bit CPU jump)
  • post-7.0 Nougat (8.0 Oreo+, Doze refined, VPN killswitch advancements jump)

On the other hand, with Apple I see it every single year in the last 7-8 years. Outside of the 64-bit jump, each time it has been intended for planned obsolescence purposes.

Moreover, even in the above 3 jumps for Android I stated, developers were never forced to make their apps forcefully targeting the latest 5 OS version APIs. Almost each app back then was targeted to 2.3 minimum, and 4.0 today. You want to use WhatsApp on iPhone 7? Good luck. You want to use WhatsApp on a stock out-of-date Galaxy S3? You are good to go.

The point of this post, and the comments within, especially the one user still using Moto G1, is that his only complaint is the lack of RAM and slower performance, not app compatibility. Android users in this very post nullify your complaint. The point of this post is that “e-waste after 2-3 years due to lack of OS updates” is a lie.

Older iPhone models are almost unusable due to performance downgrades that every OS update brings as part of planned obsolescence. This is documented well enough to the point Apple has been fined by various watchdog authorities.

I have seen more Androids being used years later compared to iPhones, very well matching the marketshare, and beyond, and this is true for most people. The more commodified something becomes, the more popular and longer used it is. iPhones will never win on this metric, simply because Android budget phones (not the Pocos with SD 8xx, but $120 Redmis with SD 4xx and 6xx) have the processing power of a 2018 flagship today. Also, Androids can be repaired by third party compared to iPhones which is almost impossible now, due to screen and digitizer being ID’d to rest of phone hardware by Apple exclusively.

Android 2.2 is not used today, and I said 2.3 Gingerbread. You specifically say 2.2 to reduce and nullify my point, but the fact is 2.3, 4.0 and 4.4 targeted apps very well exist and are usable today on any Android 10/11/12 phone today. This is impossible on Apple devices purely due to artificial restrictions.

Even if in theory you can still use an iOS 5 device, while you can not as well do so with an simlarly aged unsupported Android, no one really does that as the usability, security and new app compatibility is so bad with the old iPhone. On the other hand, a still supported older Android is perfectly usable with new apps.

You cannot literally use apps on an iPhone after the OS version updates stop, whereas you can on Android. This means that even if Android no longer gets OS updates, it can run any app even after 10 years. This is impossible on iPhones or iPads.

Apple purposely kills the support by forcing developers to migrate to lowest new API version that they give OS update for in their devices. This is not a problem on Androids.

I think you are missing the point here and getting confused. Today I cannot see a iPhone 6S or 7 being used actively, even with battery replacements, because it cannot literally install or run the apps they use because Apple forced them to upgrade to lowest new API version.

That is 3 phones ago for me, when I picked Lenovo A850 over Moto G1.

I felt like I was challenged.

I salute you for using that potato in 2022. You have the patience of an otherworldly organism. Is it Galaxy S2?

App compatibility is absolutely the major factor in long term usability of a phone. Apple discontinues that every 5 OS version APIs, whereas Android has incomparable backwards compatibility for API support.

Apple’s OS privacy and security has been a joke compared to that of Android. And Apple basically copies Android features 3-4 years later and sells it as innovation and invention.

iPhone does not allow you to have privacy due to its blackbox nature, and is simply a false marketing assurance by Apple to you. Recently, an unpatchable hardware flaw was discovered in Apple’s T1 and T2 “security” chips, rendering Apple devices critically vulnerable.

Also, they recently dropped plan for encrypting iCloud backups after FBI complained. They also collect and sell data quite a lot. Siri still records conversations 9 months after Apple promised not to do it. Apple Mail app is vulnerable, yet Apple stays in denial.

Also, Apple sells certificates to third-party developers that allow them to track users, The San Ferdandino shooter publicity stunt was completely fraudulent, and Louis Rossmann dismantled Apple’s PR stunt “repair program”.

Apple gave the FBI access to the iCloud account of a protester accused of setting police cars on fire.

Apple’s authorised repair leaked a customer’s sex tape during iPhone repair. This is how much they respect your privacy. You want to know how much more they respect your privacy? Apple’s Big Sur(veillance) fiasco seemed not enough, it seems. Still not enough to make your eyes pop wide open?

Apple’s CSAM mandatory scanning of your local storage is a fiasco that will echo forever. This blog article should be of help. But they lied how their system was never hacked. I doubt. They even removed CSAM protection references off of their website for some reason.

Pretty sure atleast the most coveted privacy innovation of App Tracking protection with one button tracking denial would work, right? Pure. Privacy. Theater.

Surely this benevolent company blocked and destroyed Facebook and Google’s ad network ecosystem by blocking all those bad trackers and ads. Sigh. Nope. Now it is just Apple having monopoly over your monetised data.

Also, Android’s open source nature is starting to pay off in the long run. Apple 0-day exploits are far cheaper to do than Android.

This is false, you cannot install apps that require API for one of the last 5 iOS versions. On the other hand, I can install a 2.3 Gingerbread Android app onto Android 13 Dev phone.

Apple fanboys always deflect this point to the iPhone 5 64-bit OS jump, but that is a lie as can be seen from the last 4 generations of iPhones since iPhone 5 was EOL.

r/linux was bad before with CAP, now is evil with pro Western politics bias

I only know of BiglyBT that works with I2P, never tried rTorrent with I2P trackers. I just use the in-browser torrent client whenI need to once in a few months. Sorry if I cannot help here, you might need to hunt some documentation or wiki for I2P port binding.

The amount of Russophobia and anti Russian censorship ongoing currently on Reddit is astounding.

I am observing a very similar sentiment to Sinophobia, now regarding Russia. Reddit’s audience is primarily 80% USA + West EU, and the rest 20% also includes a lot of East Europe and other countries, leaving for 5-10% anti-hatred people. On the other hand, Western world makes up for a mere 12% of th…


What are easy to present criticisms of mainstream outlets like BBC and CNN?

While it is easy to use phrases like “use critical thinking”, this is not easy for elders or cousins in families to be told, as this is not lucid to understand in a snap. It is essential for criticism to be easily communicable to ordinary people that watch Google Feed or MSN News daily, and I feel t…