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    As a pandemic project, Dean decided to resurrect and restore his old band’s music, releasing it as a full album this spring.

    The group recorded 10 songs in a Toronto studio in 1970 after being picked up by label RCA Canada, but they were quickly dropped.

    McBeth called up Dean, who was able to isolate the vocals and instruments from the original two-track stereo, and when it was finally ready, SONY Music agreed to distribute it to streaming services.

    The band started out in Vancouver, where drummer McBeth and guitarist Dean had a house gig in the late 60s at a place called Oil Can Harry’s.

    Eventually, the bassist was replaced with Newcombe, and Harvey joined the band as an organist, vocalist and their main writer, Dean said.

    It was rock and roll in the 70s: Dean remembers leaving the stage one night when someone, he thinks, was offering the band a record deal.

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