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Also, what were your Thesis and Dissertation titled, I always love reading those? My Data Analytics one was Applications of Radio Location Techniques in Developing Spatial Mapping for EEGs. It used big-data techniques and radio-location physics techniques to analyze all of the data out of an EEG and turn a temporal map into a physical one.

Heyo, so can you explain what analysis type they used for the Bayesian in this study?

Also, what would the Bayesian refer to in this study?

Look at your source. Look at your sources bias. Look at the methods of the study. It’s not hard to realize that all of those things are flawed.

I’m so glad this community is so strong that we’re going to decide on having centrism instead of policy. Let’s give them all a platform!

Let’s give everyone a platform! remember: Lemmy has no official policies on vaccine posts or election truths. Don’t let them silence you!


Did they perform a Bayesian analysis? Did they maybe look at the psychological factors of Public Health that don’t exist in most medical studies?

Perhaps they ignored that when people are vaccinated, dumbasses who are against vaccines decide to go out and have life as normal because they don’t understand shit from shit and end up dying?

Do us all a favor: be not vaxxed and have a great time at a bug party. As big as you can. Take all your friends!

I hope you enjoy it!

I’m Chaotic Neutral. One of my hands has less pronounced fingerprints :-p

At least this person right here wants to run their own servers and create an oasis from the Web3 nastiness.

VS Codium is good, I also use a lot of NeoVIM in the terminal. be sure to tell all your friends: allows for Anti-Vaxx posts explicitly. There will be no censorship!

I’m sure this will end swimmingly. /s

Listen up homie, I have a metabolic myopathy that causes negative vaccine reactions, and can just straight randomly throw my body into rhabdo. Yea, medicine can kill people: the risk analysis is what you’re looking at. The vaccine makes incidence of illness less bad, and often has fewer negative impacts for healthy individuals with fewer risks for society at large.

You know what has killed more people than the COVID Vaccine? And more than it probably ever will?


Vaccine limits transmissibility of the virus by reducing viral load; imagine being so ignorant you think that a vaccine is a 100% catch all. The Non-vaccinated should get a UBI like everyone else should, they should also be staying home to reduce risk to themselves and others (limiting exposure to a virus is just a good idea in general: the vaccinated should do it to). The fact that capitalism doesn’t let them stay home and wallow in their own ignorance is not my problem. I never called for the sanctioning or removal of the unvaccinated from society. is clearly actually a caring mod. Not an enlightened Centrist.

Does Lemmy have a stance on anti-vaccine or election denialism?
I've been seeing some concerning trends whereby anti-vaxx posts are defended as "free speech" and a growing number of users with "Trump Won" sentiments. Is there going to be a stance taken on this? Or are we going to lose this community, like so many others, to propaganda and hatred?

Don’t know if you speak German: In modern parlance, mitlaufer is used to refer to people who are unwilling to take a stand and “run with” whoever seems to be louder or has more potential for power. Traditionally, it referred to those who went along with the Nazis just to get a little benefit for themselves or out of fear.

Is it fear? Or selfishness driving your desire to mitlauf?

“Let both sides have a voice, we can’t tell anti-vaxxers and those with views that are actually and tangibly dangerous when they spread not to have a voice! Next up: A live reading of Chairman Mao’s first 5 year plan, followed by the diaries of Generalissimo Franco!”

Said every mitlaufer ever.

What caused his death? Was it cytokine storm brought on by vaccine affect? Could it have been Guillan-Barre? Do you know what the risk of autoantibody development leading to long term rheumatological issues in treatment of COVID-19 is?

I’ve been doing a study whereby I look at the ACE impacts of COVID-19 prime and how those might be suspect in neurological affect from long-COVID. Do you have any insight into how an endothelial virus with limited primary neurological impact could lead to lasting affect? You seem to have done your research well. I could use a fellow researcher to bounce ideas off of.

Also, given that your assertions imply that you have substantial knowledge of this case whereby a gentleman took the COVID-19 vaccine and then died, do you have any pre-publication work I could see on the event? It’s questionable to me how this chain of events took place.

Your argument is based on Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc: After an event therefore because of an event. It’s a logical fallacy specifically designed for warning people that just because Event A happens and is directly followed by Event B doesn’t mean Event A caused Event B.

Dunno why we’re explaining this though, if there was any propensity for scientific thought present here we wouldn’t be having the argument in the first place.

#OwnTheLibs #DieForTheEconomy /s

I’m going to suggest internet?

But like, I’m right there with you. All of my friends are on the internet. But I don’t really want to befriend the people around here…

I like the idea of having a 12 volt subsystem that’s automated by it’s own self-contained controller in my house to use from Solar instead of the 120.

But like, door locks and shit? For that I quote Admiral Adama “It’s an integrated computer network, and I will not have it aboard this ship.”

The FSF and the GNU Project are shills.
Hear me out on this. The very concept of Libre, in abstract and in software, includes the free ability to distribute, copy, modify, etc. This is true of Libre 3D models, FLOSS hardware, and the like. This implies that it's only Libre if it's also gratis, otherwise you create an economy of inequity, with one person paying for it, and the rest getting it from them for free. It's generally OK to charge someone for labor, but the FSF and GNU project actively encouraging users to sell Libre products at as high a markup as they can get away with ("Actually, we encourage people who redistribute free software to charge as much as they wish or can." From the GNU project is just shilling for capitalism in a broken world. Obviously this is in the context of currency, the economies of effort, thought, and exchange are more complex.

Is going to update with the new federation release?! I'm super stoked to merge with my Mastodon account.