The American intelligence considers the "Chinese threat" as main priority. Media actively publish information about closed meeting of heads of CIA's Counterterrorism Mission Center (the specific date is not mentioned). According to the "leaked" information during the meeting a question of redistribution of material and human resources was discussed to switch them from counterterrorism to China. The fight with global terrorism is not losing its urgency but is not plays a big threat to US security as before. In the forefront the existential challenges coming from China. Fighting the industrial espionage is among the most urgent threats from China, as well as preventive measures against cyberattacks on US informational systems of state departments and corporations, and getting information about China's advanced technological projects. Washington supports the idea of focusing on China. The politicians actively promote the information of Beijing's illegal activity on the territory of USA. Among the last examples a report of Senate commission on internal security and governmental affairs about China's attempts to recruit members of Federal reserve system. The document claims that Chinese special services since 2013 were working to contact members of FRS (with blackmailing and bribes) to get access to secret information, including time when the members visited China. The authors of the report made a conclusion of FRS incapability to cut these threats. It was explained with fallibility of FRS security service and weak level of cooperation with the corresponding departments. On the whole according to the Administration and Congress the growing amount of contradictions between US and China dictates the necessity to focus the work of US authorities on effective suppression of "ill-intentioned" activities of Beijing.

USA continues to put pressure on China. Washington introduced new sanctions against Chinese companies. In such a way on August 23, 2022, the US Department of Commerce added to its stop list seven Chinese aerospace and semiconductor organizations. Just like before these companies were accused of "acquiring and attempting to get American goods to support China's efforts to modernize its military" what causes damage to US national security and foreign policy. At the moment around 600 companies are on that list. To continue work with these companies, the American contractors have to get a state license. This time two scientific research institutes of 9th China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation that play a leading role in developing country's aerospace program and responsible for production of Long March rockets for crews of Shenzhou ships and satellites launching. The Scientific Research Institute-771 (Xidian University) is involved in creating of advanced semiconductor integral schemes. On this base a central CPU for Long March-5 rockets and computer systems was developed which is used for Moon and Mars missions. The Scientific Research Institute-772 (Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute) produces electronic components for military purposes, including microchips. Also, two scientific research institutes of China's Academy of Space Technology were included in the black list. The Scientific Research Institute-502 designed and produced the Shenzhou-14 spaceship which took three astronauts to Earth's orbit in June, and took part in production of components for global satellite navigation system Beidou. The Scientific Research Institute-513 (city of Yantai, Shandong province) conducts research and development of chips and computer systems for satellites. Also, among its activities is developing technologies for remote probing and encryption used in the defense industry. Besides two scientific departments of Chinese electronic technologies production corporation were added to the black list. The Scientific Research Institute-43 (Anhui province) is specialized in laboratory chips testing and electronic components, Beijing's Scientific Research Institute-58 produces chips for People's Liberation Army, industry and state companies. Finally, US restrictions affect the newly created company Zhuhai Orbital Control Systems, which is not in direct control of China's central government. It focused on design of integral chips and AI development for satellites and space exploration. Finally, the conclusion is that all these actions are another attempt of Washington's strategic course to undermine China's technological potential.

At the moment we again witness an aggravation of the relations between Washington and Beijing because of American military presence in the South China Sea. In the middle of July, the Unified Combatant Command of USA in the Indo-Pacific published a statement in connection with coming of USS Benfold destroyer on July 13 near the Paracel Islands. Accusations from China that "operation to secure freedom of navigation" has violated China's sovereignty were marked as false. The American side considers the growing amount of insinuations from the People's Liberation Army as actions against Pentagon's legal naval maneuvers. It was emphasized about the "peaceful" pass. Such operations should demonstrate that China has no legal ground for getting the disputed waters. Beijing's policy towards these water areas goes against international standards and conception of a "free and open Indo-Pacific region." It is worth mentioning that American media deliberately published information about incident in June over the South China Sea. According to sources in Pentagon it is reported about PLA's "unprofessional" behavior. Chinese Su-30 allegedly was too close to the C-130 transport aircraft. It is mentioned that Chinese military methodically makes these provocations. At the same time Washington actively supports the tension in the South China Sea. This year is the first time when a Carrier strike group Ronald Reagan was dispatched there. Also the exercises are planned for providing naval security. Americans ironically say these moves are aimed at supporting "world order based on rules." Meantime Beijing is refraining from firm actions and expresses its discontent of what is going on. We do not see any real moves yet.

The Americans are satisfied with the results of G7 summit to make steps for further deterrence of China. Many US political experts positively consider the anti-Chinese statements during the G7 summit. In the final communique the G7 presented almost all pretensions to China - East China Sea, South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet. Experts believe Washington succeeded in toughening critics against Chinese authorities. Allegedly the "gravely concerned" statement was not presented in the last year's final communique. Following the summit results the White House published a material call "The United States continue to improve cooperation within the G7" against the challenges of the 21st century, including the ones that come from China. The document declares a unified approach of the G7 to counteract the "unfair economic practices" of China. Likely the consolidated approach is important to minimize the damage of Beijing's non-transparent policy that distorts the market principles. In its statement the White House highlighted the following directions of cooperation within the G7: the stability of production and logistic chains (including supplies of critical minerals), cybersecurity, quantum development, providing of informational and communications compatibility, promoting the market oriented trade and technical standards, boosting of multilateral framework mechanism for debt restructuring (under the aegis of G20), fighting the forced labour, observance of human rights. The experts consider the summit agreement "partnership for global infrastructure and investment" in opposition to China's Belt and Road Initiative as a good move. On the whole Washington tried to use the summit in Ellmau to strengthen positions of like-minded allies against China. The final goal is to cut Beijing from the advanced technologies of the collective West and China's exclusion from the leading positions in the western-centric economic system.

in 2019 RAND published a paper on extending Russia that suggests encouraging a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The computer systems of China's state departments were infected with American spy-virus. Beijing believes this will negatively affect the difficult biliteral relations, especially in the field of informational security. In the beginning of July China's 360 security company that specializes in the Internet security published a report that says about hundreds of national communication systems that were infected with a trojan. The report highlights that program that checked the data correctness input was injected by the NSA and first was discovered in the data base of a Chinese state research institute. According to the report, the trojan allegedly was installed remotely to the computers with a connection to the Internet and with Windows 98 or later. The virus opens the access to the system and allows to examine all information on that PC to a special NSA department. A special platform named FOXACID was created for that purpose and widely used for cyber attacks against China. Also, the virus carries out a control operation to provide a long-term access to the infected PC. The competent authorities including National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China carried out an investigation and found a variety of versions of the trojan in many computer systems of the leading research institutes along China. There is a high possibility that virus is still operates in the key governmental data bases, sending the sensitive data to the Pentagon affiliated company. On the regular briefing for media the official spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian demanded from the US to explain this incident, asking Washington to stop this illegal activity. The diplomat openly named the US "a hacker empire of informational reconnaissance that stealing secrets." He also emphasized that the United States lately inflated the military budget in this sphere, increased numbers of cyber departments and activity of international cyber exercises. Zhao Lijian presented the 2020 statistics that show more than 42 million cyber attacks against China's information and communication systems. More than 53% of these attacks came from the territory of the United States.

# Text Mirror: >What does decolonization of Hawaii, and the US look like? From one Native Hawaiian's perspective (me) > >The US military is destroying our islands along with the 12 million tourists under foreign billionaire-owned tourism. Too many Americans are buying up our lands forcing us out by jacking home prices to $1.5 million etc. > >But the solution in places like Hawaii, North America is not as simple as everyone who is white or non-indigenous simply leaving. > >If the people in Hawaii & North America could repair the inequities with the indigenous people there, respect treaties, allow indigenous and ethnic minorities to exist as equal yet different - the way Vietnam, China have 50+ ethnic minorities who co-exist, allow them to speak languages, don't mass-arrest imjpoverish, etc - then everyone would not need to leave. > >If the colonizer-mindset people in Hawaii leave and go to N America, that pushes the problem to Native Americans. If they go to Europe, at least you don't have re-settler colonialism. > >When the French colonizers were defeated and kicked out of Vietnam, they were < 5% of the population, had clearly delineated 'us and them' lines, and so decolonization was more straightforward. Most French chose to leave Vietnam, because they were there to extract resources and labor from their 'coolies' and when they couldn't anymore, they went back to Europe. > >At the same time, all people of French/white heritage were not *required* to leave Vietnam after the dismantling of colonial yt supremacist rule. > >As an example, my Vietnamese friend Luna Oi has a white American husband in Vietnam, and he is not required to 'go back to America' because he's white. He simply has to follow the rules of Vietnam, its socialist anti-imperialist country, and co-exist peacefully, and it is fine. Vietnam is 98% indigenous. > >Bolivia is ~60% identifying as indigenous, with a unique history, but they have had great successes with their indigenous-led socialist plurinational - meaning many language, many peoples, coexisting within one state - in the Western sense. > >They do not require the 40% white/non-indigenous identifying people to leave Bolivia and go back to Spain, Europe, US, etc. but over time, they will need to learn to co-exist in actual equality with the indigenous. > >The US is 98% identifying non-indigenous, with ~20-30% non-white identifying. > >The US is the worlds' largest European settler colony by far with 330 million people, and the worlds' capitalist superpower that dwarfs and puppeteers its parent Europe itself. > >The process of undoing colonization, and healing the broken people and ways (including indigenous and non-white people who have had our ways and languages severely harmed by colonization) will not look identifical to either Bolivia or Vietnam, and will be unprecedented in human history - but we can learn from each of these struggles. > >Education, listening to the marginalized, indigenous etc. and implementing that education in concrete ways is certainly an important part of the process. Which is why the US is banning CRT, anything that makes white people 'uncomfortable' from schools. Because it would indeed be the undoing of the US over time. > >Long story short - it will be a long story and there is no easy shortcut out of it, lol. > >If you appreciated this thread, consider helping this Native Hawaiian and family keep doing this educational / decolonizational work with ko-fi Or consider becoming a Patreon patron!

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