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  • Dude, if he was a firefighter and said the same thing, what would you’re answer be? If there is a fire after 8 pm then you are up fighting the fire. Same with a nurse on call, an air traffic controller, etc. This is a requirement of the most powerful position on earth making decisions that literally impact all of humanity and the fate of western democracy.

    If he can’t do it he shouldn’t be running. Go be a prof or join a corporate board or something if you want a 9-5 and a stable bed time. The president of the United States needs to be able to operate on very little sleep and past 8 pm because this is the fucking real world…

  • I donno, anybody remember Obama? Trudeau?

    Keep this guy accountable and call out the bullshit.

    The last party set the bar so low it’s painted on the floor, so just saying the right things feels like significant progress regardless of if actual actions are taken.

    Reform UK is waiting in the wings for the jaded masses if Labour doesn’t follow through, and the jaded masses don’t understand that voting for the wolf to punish the fox is a dumb thing for rabbits to do.

    As your bard said, words pay no debts, give deeds.