Evidence shows that Google intended to subvert the discovery process, and that Chat evidence was "lost with the intent to prevent its use in litigation" and "with the intent to deprive another party of the information's use in the litigation," the court says.

It's remarkable that the responsible EU Commissioner gets away with this, without tremendous criticism from media and members of the EU Parliament, Mullvad writes in its blog. "It’s obvious during the interviews [which she gave to various media] that Ylva Johansson does not understand her own bill and what consequences it would have."

Interoperability “opens up a real Pandora’s box”, researchers say
Everyone’s worried that the UK Online Safety Bill and the EU Child Sex Abuse Regulation will put an end to end-to-end encryption. But according to a new paper the Digital Markets Act already passed by the EU could have the same effect. Here is the paper:

Google Suspends Chinese E-Commerce App Pinduoduo Over Malware
The popular e-commerce app sought to seize total control over affected devices by exploiting multiple security vulnerabilities in a variety of Android-based smartphones, writes Krebs on his security blog.

"We [...] need to raise public awareness of the risks associated with digital platforms and neurotechnology devices by giving the public concrete information about the risks to themselves and national security. Educating users about potential dangers and promoting digital literacy will empower individuals to make informed decisions about their online presence and the devices they use."

The move follows similar restrictions on TikTok in democratic countries amid fears about the popular video-sharing app's Chinese connections. But the French decision also encompassed other platforms widely used by government officials, lawmakers and President Emmanuel Macron himself.

Learn about assistive technology enabling more people to do software development, such as: - Typing using only the eyes with OptiKey - Using software without sight with NVDA - The use of AI tools for coders with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, or trouble communicating The use of these tools reflects the [Social model of disability]( which says that if a disabled person is prevented from their job because the tools are not accessible, it's not a deficiency with their body; it's a deficiency in their environment. Via [](

Moore also predicted the rise of the PC and the smartphone decades before they became reality. He died on Friday surrounded by family at his home in Hawaii.

Odilia team working to make Linux on the desktop more viable for screen reader users
Great news for users who are fans of FOSS and also are blind, have low vision, have various cognitive disabilities, or otherwise have a critical need for screen reader software. Via [Robert Kingett](

## Product annoucements - 13th gen Intel P-series mainboard - AMD 7040 mainboard - 16-inch variant (not many details) - Expanding dimensions of expansion cards (e.g. eGPU) - New modular input system - e.g. keyboard, numpad, expansion card I/O, secondary screen, open to public for 3rd-party devices - New audio input jack expansion card - Ability to use multiple storage expansion cards - New case to re-use replaced battery as power block - New mainboard case from CoolerMaster to build NUC-like system - Matte screen option - New bezel colors, including transparent

The Human Web
Search Engine for Human-created pages

And what do they blame? > a bug in an open source library Of course. Happy to build his product on open source code, happy to train his models on open source code, but as soon as shit hits the fan, he will push FLOSS under the bus without as much as a moment of consideration.

In depth demo here:

New tools built by researchers at AI startup Hugging Face and Leipzig University and detailed in a non-peer-reviewed paper allow people to examine biases in three popular AI image-generating models: DALL-E 2 and the two recent versions of Stable Diffusion. Here is the paper:

Android Private Browser with Real-Time Push notifications options
Hello good people of beehaw. I'm looking for an android browser that works with push notifications for something like calckey but wont outright be a spyware in itself, is there anything that would satisfy this need for me in case firefox fails so?

Pay - if you can - for that password manager, the pro version of your favorite browser, buy some Steam games on Linux. Do what you can to help support the cause you hold dear. Not only are you thanking a developer for their hard work, you're showing companies that there is, in fact, a market for Linux software.

Adding cloak layers to digital projects
Glaze is a tool to help artists to prevent their artistic styles from being learned and mimicked by new AI-art models such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion and their variants.

The beautiful, intimate origin story of the tildes community

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