The world is already dead, deal with it

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Holy shit they brang back Motus (a French TV show) and made it cool

Using the NFTs to destroy the NFTs? Wired, but may work

I went through the whole gaussian, from left to right

GPU are rare those days

Depends if rule 34 is bijective

you can’t stop progress

Laugh in autoritarian regime

This title sound like a protest slogan, Awsome

A cryptohead wetdream and an economical hell

“WTF? We destroyed our planet for THIS?!”

Yes, and it was awesome. A small price to pay for salvation

either Google is screwed or society is screwed

It’s society. That’s why I’m Posadist

Wait the film is already out in France since one month.

Why the heck it is still not out in the US?

Too late, I already watched it in theater

Can be usefull, thanks

PS: Love your findings OP