Recent polling has shown a substantial number of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum believe American democracy is likely to end in the near future (55% Dem, 53% Rep, 49% of all Americans including Independents/unaffiliated), and that a civil war is likely to occur in their lifetime (46% Dem, 42% Rep, 50% of Independents). In addition, about 26% of all respondents would not rule out using political violence under the right circumstances to fight unjust or improper political changes. The survey also showed signs of extreme polarization in the American electorate. 30% of Reps and 27% of Dems said the opposite party's supporters were "out of touch with reality." And 25% of Reps as well as 23% of Dems went further, saying their opponents were "a threat to America." By contrast, 4% of Reps and 7% of Dems thought the other party's supporters were "well-meaning." Some political scientists have speculated the country is entering a period of "anocracy," a style of hybrid government combining features of a democracy with features of an autocracy and potentially gradually interpolating from one to the other.

Just read it.... "Noo haha our GDP will save us🤪"

Collapse OS — Bootstrap post-collapse technology
This has been posted before but in case you haven't heard of it, then here it is.

This is the place for discussing the potential collapse of modern civilization and the environment.

Collapse, in this context, refers to the significant loss of an established level or complexity towards a much simpler state. It can occur differently within many areas, orderly or chaotically, and be willing or unwilling. It does not necessarily imply human extinction or a singular, global event. Although, the longer the duration, the more it resembles a ‘decline’ instead of collapse.


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