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Thank you Psygnosis-man it means a lot to me, said from you 🥲

(Btw i just made a t-shirt with that logo, with screen printing! Of course you realize that means we probably both played Bullfrog games until our eyes bleed)

This is the most retrd thing I have ever witnessed

Lemmy is a fediverse instance resistant to censor, not “a reddit alternative” such as lobste.rs or tild.es

This means every smart person including anon or the alt-right frens running away from centralised cancer like Twitter/Netflix left propaganda and cancel culture, TikTok e-girls dances, reddit antinatalism, and Instagram butt-pics, should hide here in the fediverse.

Smart people are here even if they have different political views, and they coexist sharing interesting information, because we are all running away from the cancer of centralised social networks.

Anon should raid gab.com not Mastodon or any decentralised censor-resistant oasis in the desert of the modern internet censored by 6mil elves

PROTIP: attaching pic of the spurdo sparde to prove I am ancient wizard oldfg from anontalk.

Incels versus feminists is just divide et impera propaganda to avoid people fighting for human rights together.

It worked in the US, so it makes sense that it will pass also in UK.

Your problem requires 2 separate solutions:

  • The player:

My suggestion is Pulse Music because the user interface is a clone of Spotify, with all the features you already know and like.

  • The actual music data:

Spotify plays from “the cloud” (which is just a fancy word for “someone else’s computer”). You can’t keep many MP3 on your phone internal MicroSD, so you need to play them in streaming from something which is always turned on (i.e.: a NAS, or a Raspberry Pi). That means having a “DynamicDNS” to access this device, a music streaming server (or a filesharing server), and a port forward on your modem-router.

If you can’t do that on Linux keep in mind Synology and Qnap NAS already include the DynamicDNS for free and the music streaming app, and also the torrent client! The price is very low for single bay drives (for models with RAID drives the price goes up to hundreds of €$)


With hentai tentacles doing seppuku with origami

But the meme isn’t funny: it’s missing any double entendre, or pun, or reference.

At least write something like “shutters goes brrr” or something even more stupid like “NodeRED go brrrr” or a complex explanation on the wizard wojak about the actual usefulness of having voice activated lights with colours🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe it could be useful on system where you cannot install another OS, or at work, I don’t know. But at least you have access to all tools in repositories, without installing anything.

(But I agree I would have just used a bash script to run qemu to achieve that)

I don’t think getting 10$/month is enough to have to talk to normies.

Maybe if they pay 100$/month I could think about it, but until then I will continue tolerating them on Rambox

You are trying to crack the software. Until windows 7 you succeeded, and successfully used word 2007, as everyone else.

But you don’t seem to understand that the protection is now into the operating system. The OS itself (which is made by the same company) reverts the working crack.



use LibreOffice.

Microsoft word can’t “butch” the document if you create and work on it from LibreOffice, without ever using word (or if you save your document in open format)

I used to edit with Shotcut, but kdenlive is so much better!

You just need to watch 2 minutes tutorial on YouTube for the first use, and you will basically use only two keyboard hotkeys: S to select and X to cut.