Where do people ask python questions?
Write an option per comment to see which is the most popular answer. If there are many sites you can post them as second level comments to have a reference: * Discord - Channel 1 - Channel 2 - ...

What gender do you identify as?
Short and simple (or maybe not so simple for some). I'm curious about the gender ratio on Lemmy. Feel free to specify further under any of the top-level options.

Have you shopped at a thrift store in the past 6 months?
vote on one of the answers I put in the comment

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Best PeerTube hosting provider?
asking for a friend.

Favorite FOSS android app?
Single entries please

I thought I would throw this out to everyone in an easy way after seeing this post What do you think the lemming mascot of Lemmy should be called? Top level comments should just be the name.

What are your favorite books?
Single option answers.

What review websites do you use?
Metacritic, imdb, goodreads, libreviews, none... Single option answers.

What are your favorite books about programming?
Single option answers.

What is your favorite IDE?
Vim and notepad++ are not IDEs. But I'll count LunarVim, oni, etc, as IDEs.

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