What website closing its API access would annoy you the most?
Closing or asking more money than reasonable.

Which is the Best Search Engine?
I am seeking recommendations for a search engine that is more modern than Google, without necessarily being open source or privacy-oriented. Please suggest your top picks. Thank you!

Have you shopped at a thrift store in the past 6 months?
vote on one of the answers I put in the comment

  • ier
  • 1Y
Best PeerTube hosting provider?
asking for a friend.

Favorite FOSS android app?
Single entries please

I thought I would throw this out to everyone in an easy way after seeing this post What do you think the lemming mascot of Lemmy should be called? Top level comments should just be the name.

What are your favorite books?
Single option answers.

What review websites do you use?
Metacritic, imdb, goodreads, libreviews, none... Single option answers.

What is your favorite IDE?
Vim and notepad++ are not IDEs. But I'll count LunarVim, oni, etc, as IDEs.

Do you prefer a Desktop Environment or a Tiling Window Manager?
Options: - Desktop Environment - Tiling Window Manager - Neither

Do you still use Reddit?
Even through a front-end. Options: - Yes - No

Which indentation do you prefer?
Options: - Tab - 4 spaces - 2 spaces - Other

Simply put, do you care about your privacy?
The other poll's answers add extra information and I feel it can potentially confuse people who are answering. **Do you care about your own individual privacy?** "Yes", "No", "I have reason to believe there is an answer beyond strictly yes or no" (optionally, with a comment under that answer including your reasoning) No other options. Please only pick one to upvote. If there is something you have knowledge of that you would not share with me, some random stranger on the internet, you care about privacy and your answer is Yes. Otherwise, if I am allowed to have any information that you have, your answer is No.

What comes first, cereal or milk
READ THE SUB RULES BEFORE COMMENTING. Options: - Cereal - Milk - Other Also, don't you dare say bowl. Edit: after seeing cereal win by quite a margin, I have concluded that you are all savages.

If you use mostly FOSS software what non-FOSS software are you still using?
Put all games under the "Games" top-level comment.

Is Elon Musk one of the greatest creative minds of our time or a narcissistic conman?
Use the given options. You can give your opinion in lower level comments.

Do you care about your privacy?
Use only the given options. I hope this doesn't change what you vote. I just want the people who vote "no" to think about it. ::: spoiler spoiler > “Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” ― Edward Snowden :::

What FOSS software do you wish that existed or was better than it is?
Maybe there is a developer somewhere that wants to contribute to open source. This could be a good list of which software needs his contributions the most. Keep top-level comments short and single option.

What are the FOSS front-ends to popular websites that you know about?
Since I discovered lemmy, I've discovered multiple front ends like [invidious](, but I'm sure you know many more than I do. So vote every one you know about, to see also which ones are the most popular.

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