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Women's clothes are cheaper then men's clothes right? Save some money and buy women's clothes instead?

won’t work for like pants since a lot of women’s pants suck due to pockets sucking. But for other stuff?..


Afaik some of the fediverse aspires to replace big tech

Management turns people into assholes.

Unjustifies hierarchies turn ppl into a holes

Why a lot of people don't care about privacy

For poor people (ex lumenproletariat, but incl anyone struggling, which incls some middleclass ‘big spenders’) hard to give a hoot about privacy when like the bottom 2 rungs of maslow’s hierarchy of needs are lacking. …


Friend became my boss recently. Friend also became a jerk simultaneously.

The fact that they’re in charge and I need the cash went straight to their head. …


Contrary to what you'll hear ppl telling you, having a slumlord or landlord isn't a perk

Lots of conservatives tell me that having a landlord alleviates me of responsibilities bc landlord has to fix my unit. …


This thing spins and is water proof. …


What social media do you think would be most useful to a homeless person?

but generally they end up fucking you over and stealing shit from you

Chomsky spoke a little about this and i’ve heard this on the street. Crime is a major problems for the poor and not a problem for the rich/middleclass. The ‘rich’ live in gated communities in suburbs far away from the poor. The poor also live in (over)crowded houses with complete strangers (rooming houses) making theft inside those households rampant. But yeah homeless ppl have told me when they’ve been in shelters/camps there has been a lot of theft too

Just scroll through c/poor and stay subscribed and you’ll see :)

They don’t list a source, do you happen to know it?

Anyone else have actual conversations with homeless/poverty stricken individuals?

A lad told me today that he’ll make a facebook account just to connect with me, gave me the address of the place he’s couch surfing at and told me to come over anytime. He said “because you treat me like a human.” …


Any tips for stashing things around the city?

Sometime i find some good loot, but i’m on foot. I have to walk say 1 hr more east and can’t carry the extra thing due to not being a spring chicken anymore. I try to stash it someplace and pick it up on my way back home. It happens from time to time that someone else snags my loot before I get back…


Also check out Eat The Seasons, which estimates which foods are in season for you, and therefore most likely to be on sale.

I’ll check this out thanks!

Wow junk food is extremely unsatiating

I found a list someplace on wiki talking about foods that are satiating and junk food was very low. I had a lot of junk food just now (freeidge) and 30 minutes later I’m hungry…


collective setting: they’re good for recup’ing free stuff (food, furniture, etc) and it’s much easier when you’re several people splitting the bills and learning about maintenance.

Yeah like 1 car for like a family sounds much more affordable, and people could carpool in like the morning to work.

It’s illegal, unless the contract also says they are allowed to do that

It does not

Talk to an expert about it.

If talking to an expert involves money, can’t afford it. Unless you mean like a gov labour bureau

Super cool approach to poverty, rather than the usual system of rich flight and wealthier individual run off to ‘better’ neighborhoods, making some neighborhoods the pure distilled essence of poverty.

Or maybe you can make it clear you’re coming back tomorrow in the morning and expect to get paid at that time?

I could try this, tnanks!

Since we last spoke, I signed a contract for a job where I was gonna get 30hrs/week, quit my other job and started working for this job. Boss told me today he doesn;t have enough work for me so my hours are cut to 15hrs/week. I get paid hourly. (So i’m screwed again financially atm, if you know some easy like remote job I could get into, let me know)

I’m was hoping the paper contract would have prevented this from happening.

The first thing leftists should strive to do is get a good enough income (can include via setting up mutual aid)

If you’ve ever looked at how rightwing movements operate, it appears they throw a lot of money around. And because of the world we live in, it gets results, ex the canadian trucker protest having basically all the same amenities as a festival, nearly a theme park. Advertising budget. Funding institu…