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I’ll investigate, thanks for the lead!

Is it unsafe to just blow it by short circuiting the outlet? While wearing those 2 rubber gloves per hand.

I have some rough plan that I might do the outlet swaparoo when the power goes out due to a thunderstorm. But I’m not sure if that’s more unsafe?

I’m not sure if I do the other one. The fact that the wire broke with the other one concerns me. Like I don’t know how to repair wires. If you know how to repair wires, is it easy to learn? It looks like cooper

The craziest thing I’ve done this year: Literal sparks flying, fuses blowing, landlord punk’d
Was trying to fix a damaged outlet in my rental unit, as per usual landlord didn't want to fix it. I don't have a breaker /fuse box in my room. So, tired of the outlet, I decided to change the outlet entirely with the breaker turned ON. I considered putting a friend on speaker in case I died, but in my fever pitch I decided against it. So here I am wearing 2 pairs of rubber gloves per hand, with random unrubered wire wrapped around my body in a way so that if I got shocked, the electricity would have a path to travel to not blast my heart / chest / head. I do the outlet swap a roo. Ancient super boomer outlet, it's wired differently. Wires charred to hell. One of the wires is brittle and snaps. Half way through random arc, a loud pop, my screw driver goes flying the live wire hit something. My entire unit lost power. Panic slightly before realizing that it's not so bad, now I won't die. I finish the swaparoo. I call up the landlord, with some bs excuse ready. He doesn't ask and just goes and flicks the fuse back on. My fuse works. My actual face: XD Ps: The outlet doesn't put out enough to kill a person iirc Get wrecked landlord, guess who just increased the value of your unit!! I have another damaged outlet to fix, but part 2 will have to wait! (Also, wtf one 15a circuit for the whole unit?) I still don't know where the screw driver flew)

kind of help they’re looking for

True! Forgot about this.

Good suggestions!

Why do irl people try to discourage me from saving up for a down payment on an apartment?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/401685 > They usually say something like owning an apartment is worse than renting an apartment and I should save up for a house because that's better. > > If you add up all the income I've made in my life, it's probably nowhere close to being enough to buy a house anywhere in my city. But some trashy apartment? I think I could afford that eventuallly. I only rent trashy apartments and the landlords don't fix anything worth a damn and I end up doing half of my own repairs - cuz at least that way it's done properly. it annoys me every time that I fix up some rich person's apartment, then I move, then fix up that rich person's apartment rinse and repeat. And it's annoying that the landlord tells me if I modify the room (ex repairs) that violates my lease and they'll evict me. > > But if I own it? At least I just fix it once. > > Irl people also say if i buy it, it could have like black mold. Like dude, my current place has black mold already. I think most of the irl ppl I know are pay check to pay check, but I don't use taxis or buy take out the way they do. > > (My bathroom door literally just fell of its hinges.)

I’ve only tried twice so far specifically telling the person I’m speaking to not give me advice. Didn’t work both times - I think their word vomit is too strong for them to hold back.

One of them I’ve told twice too. Didn’t work the second time either. Now when we’re talking, I just don’t complain to her

Just want to say sorry that you’re experiencing this. It sounds pretty invalidating and traumatizing. I hope you can find a better set of individuals to share these experiences with 😞

You’re good at this! Someone once told me not to talk to them as much like this bc it was too therapyish for them. Since then I try to roughly paraphrase what they’re saying and like throw in a dumb joke. (Ex someone’s telling me how they got fired, i summarize how they got fired and say like “another day in paradise”. Which usually at least gets a slight smile) I’ve never known how well received my approach is, but no obvious negative reviews. I’m unsure if the joke at the end is too abrupt change of tone or something? What do you think about this kind of approach?

but are the people you are talking to men?

Mostly. I read about this too. I don’t know as many women and the ones I do tend to be at least somewhat tomboyish and they do the same thing lol.

Also I’ve been thinking, when people tell me about some bad story that happened to them, I’ve been wondering if I should straight up ask “do you want me to give you dumb obvious advice?” But I don’t want them to feel like “sir this is a Wendy’s” (which is also funny bc a Wendy’s cashier was complaining about her position to me in Wendy’s lmao)

I hit the libraries and bookstores so fucking hard

As someone who somewhat raised themself, thanks a lot for putting in the effort!!! Which might sounds like a strange thing to say, but do you get why I appreciate hearing that you put in the effort?

All the readings helped? I read psychology today articles with consistency and they talk about these kind of things sometimes. I read through them for the same reason you do, self improvement

Is it good idea to add rivets to clothes to create more airflow?
To help regulate sweat / body temperature. Should be more socially acceptable than me stripping in public


Depending on factors, when someone gives obvious advice, it really stakes a fence in the sand of “i don’t know what you’re talking about”. Specifically when they give obvious advice and don’t ask much about why you haven’t done that already.

And then sometimes (tdy) go from telling a story where i was victimized to basically being revictimized by the person i’m talking to where i have to hold myself back bc they keep giving obv dumb advice, and if i explain why I didn’t do Y, they press on something like Y2 then Y3 etc.

There might be some kind of golden rule here of unless i’m testing how ‘suitable’ someone is or we’re friends, dont explain jack squat

Have any interesting victim blaming stories?
in my experience Just thinking about an interaction today. It's pretty interesting how I tell the average person (especially males) a story where i'm the victim and they immediately intensely victim blame me. This is probably largely due to rock bottom low positive sentiment of the person directed towards me. I don't know why i talk to some of people i talk to. At least when i think about it. I'm pretty sure i have higher standard for which internet acquaintances i talk to regularly then irl acquaintances. If it's an internet interaction, if i establish they're uhh unsuitable i don't talk to them anymore, and maybe i should do that irl for acquintances? Obv if you vets someone as being good company, they don't victim blame you.

other people think, you can directly throw it under your shirt,

I was doing this the other day. I kept on forgetting it was in my shirt and when I stood up it fell out. Tips for this?

Off the top of my head, I can imagine a pantyhose holder scarf thing

I’ve received a lot of physiotherapy, stretching does help muscle problems for sure

Shouldnt it ideally have some kind of thing that lets me keep it against my body when walking? Bc in winter

Any advice on diffusing arguments for conversations i’m not apart off?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/394982 > I've noticed variations of 'calm down' don't work. > > Lots of ppl in arguments in the hood

Any advice on diffusing arguments for conversations i’m not apart off?
I've noticed variations of 'calm down' don't work. Lots of ppl in arguments in the hood

Add https://beehaw.org/c/feminism to the sidebar of feminism?

@Gaywallet@beehaw.org, add lemmy.ml/c/feminism to the sidebar of beehaw feminism?

Will let subscribers flow more seemlessly to both subs

afaik, it would create hierachies based on inherited wealth, as well as leaving the patriarchy in place, race hierarchies etc. Their definition of anarchism is the abolishment of gov and nothing else.

Fellow CIA shills, you know which part of lemmy i'm talking about ;) I'm glad people here don't mindlessly stan countries

Based. Finally a place on lemmy to address anarchists rather than being lemmygrad 2.0

the ac ends up blowing on my feet somewhat so maybe the condensation is happening within the shower.

Have you shopped at a thrift store in the past 6 months?
vote on one of the answers I put in the comment

Metamucil reduces the feeling of being hungry
Tried it yesterday and it works. Dont go overboard and give yourself bowel problems tho

Thanks! Very helpful explanation! The online articles i found didnt explain how it works, just that it does.

Why does it cause less condensation on my ceiling? Like normally, when i step out of the shower wo ac, my ceiling is drenched. But with the AC on, my ceiling is less wet. The AC is like 1.5 m away from the ceiling and it’s not pointed at the ceiling.

a youtube vid was talking about racism in gaming and mentioned chess, talking about how white is more likely to win due to first move

Can we do a sidebar link swap between all the science subs?
There is: https://lemmy.ml/c/science https://beehaw.org/c/science https://mander.xyz/c/science which would allow people to more easily find the other subs

CMV: woke chess. Black or white should move first?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/382278 > I'm partially memeing bc i get that it's a game from like 3000 yrs ago, but its a very easy modification. > > Is there a reason why this isn't done? Or changing the colors to something else? (Blue vs red, which seems to be video game standard)

If you put a window AC in the bathroom it helps a lot with the bathroom humidity
Not sure how. Mine doesn't vent outside in an obvious fashion. Leave it running while showering

Why shipping container homes are overrated
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/376864 > I'll still take one. My place is smaller than a shipping container any who.

Why shipping container homes are overrated
I'll still take one. My place is smaller than a shipping container any who.

I’ve used 2 buckets of water before. One foot and one bucket one foot in the other bucket. I did that at a desk at my home

Men’s liberation goal

Fellow lemmings, you doing alright for the heatwaves?
As a poor person, maybe most useful advice for other poor people is water bottles. Tap water is colder than the air so I try to keep a plastic water bottle in my hand or pressed against my skin and it helps a lot. If anyone is in a bind, post your situation and we/I will try to come up with a simple enough solution. My irl qualifications might be useful for the first time online lol: I was homeless for 2 months and have been poor af for my whole life, so i've had to ghetto innovate a lot of stuff.

Ofc you haven’t heard of him
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/284258 > You're a rich white kid from the suburbs. Sure man just fly away, forget about everyone else down here. You help me take down x, you help real people with real lives. Think about that next time you're fighting some stupid elephant man or whatever

If you’re trying to use a mason jar as a water bottle - they rust pretty quick

You can probably still safely use rusty cooking ware
Haven't found an studies on it though. Just searched page 1 of google "is rust in diet harmful U.S. Environmental Protection Agency" "is rust in diet harmful" Most reliable link was https://www.foxnews.com/health/is-using-rusty-cookware-really-that-big-of-a-deal not sure if fox is reliable (iirc fox's opinion pieces are unreliable) [Rust might increase bodily iron](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6719866/): "Limitations of all pot types, except stainless steel, included heavier weight and rust formation. In addition, even though cast iron and blue steel pots were less expensive and leached greater quantities of iron, stainless steel pots were lighter, less likely to rust and presumably less likely to cause iron overload"

Saw one homeless woman curb stomping another homeless women
In the hood. The assailant let up after a minute and walked away. I see this pretty much like once per 3 months. I've only seen police involvement once

Why don’t skaters go to see doctors?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/371128 > Nursing an injury and found instructions on a skater site. The skater site said: "i know you won't go to a dr since you're a skater" Why don't they go to drs? > > I don't go to drs due to being poor.

Why don’t skaters go to see doctors?
Nursing an injury and found instructions on a skater site. The skater site said: "i know you won't go to a dr since you're a skater" Why don't they go to drs? I don't go to drs due to being poor.


Any blogs or content creators that you know off that share similar kinds of stories? I figure this would be another way to learn about this kind of thing.

Upright bicycle versus what? Like are the other types the tour de France racing style?

Fuck i’m mad. I called another coworker and asked them to text the boss and then suddenly the boss replies to me

Anyone else “on call” but only cause the boss texts you 1 hour or less before work?
Sometimes doesn't give a schedule and i have to text him asking if i'll be working today. Takes his sweet ass time replying. Especially bad for days off since i only find out i'm not being summoned to work 1 hour before work starts. It's already tough to arrange plans with friends let alone when I only find out 1 hr before work starts. This isn't suppose to be an on call job like this. And some of the other coworkers actually have schedules. Just fire me already bleep. Today might be the day where I show some courage and not set an alarm if he doesn't reply by the time i'm in bed and if i miss my shift, bleep it. Ugh I don't have another job lined up atm so adds to the scariness.

Unfortunately many women will not be physically affectionate with men because many men misread this sign

I think it’s mostly due to societal expectation. Ex even me, for the most part, I have very little understanding of being close emotionally or physically with someone and not dating them. Like I can theorize about it, but it’s just theories in my head, since i have basically no real experience of this. Sounds like the life you’ve lived/other ppl in the same community would be an interesting work of fiction. Aliens in like avengers movies are pretty much just typical society copy and pasted by with a skin change.

I would never be offended if someone came to me and said something along the lines of

I dig it. But in my life, both men and women would be offended if i said this to them haha. But i’ll ponder on this for a while and see if i can come up with a modification i could use.

Sharing thoughts about your feelings - the wants and needs, and the troubles you’re experiencing is generally speaking not a very cishetman thing to do and can help to show the vulnerability and desire to connect with another.

It’s genuinely a risky approach to do this, bc it’s not uncommon to be called a pussy (or similar) for sharing the vulnerabilities. Last happened to me 2 weeks ago. Though it was a (likely) cishetWoman, but she seems pretty conservative, so got black swaned there. But yeah, if i can correctly read a person isn’t gonna be offended by ‘i can feel pain’, then it’s probably helpful.

Also, you blog about this kind of thing anywhere? I wanna read more about the world you’ve live lol

It kinda blows when someone gets kinda belligerent towards you, then you have to apologize to maintain the relationship
Even though you realistically didn't do anything bad. Relationship being like acquintanceship or attempting to get along with a coworkers who's reasonably not crazy most of the time

It might help to explicitly seek out queer friend groups as they tend to be much more okay with and display this kind of affectionate behavior more often.

Yeah i have noticed this! One gay male acquintance would say uhh compliments / excessively nice statements to me (read: strange to hetero culture over here) I didn’t really know what was going on and just assumed the guy thought i was good looking or smthg but i didn’t mind since he wasn’t sleezy about it.

You could ask your friends if its okay to cuddle.

Similarly, 2 bi acquintances said they’d cuddle naked and shower and stuff and I had absolutely 0 idea what they were going on about, bc apparently they weren’t interested in the other and that 404 errorred me so probably just nodded my head and maybe threw out an active listening statement. Personally, that’d be way to much for me circa 2022.

Female friends did wayyy more affectionate stuff with each other then us lads. I always felt it was lame af of us lads. Like my exgf would dance with a male friend’s gf, leaving us with, uhh, nothing to do for like a few mins. When the gfs would initiate dancing with each other, i’d sorta look over at the dude and try to feel out if he wanted to dance together or something, but nada.

I regularly ask people if I can lay my head down in their lap, because I enjoy that particular dynamic.

Wow crazy, this would have Never had crossed my mind! What gender and sexuality are you if you don’t mind me asking? I’m cishetman.

I’ve noticed with a few males i suspected were gay that they’d be less friendly with het males then women. I figured they were concerned i’m douchbag or had worse experiences with het men so i didn’t mind much. But doesn’t exactly make it easy for me to talk to them.

Now that i’m a poor adult, i don’t even know how to meet people my age outside of like work. Which is largely due to poverty and my time away from work is spent trying to save money to afford rent. Ex having to walk everywhere takes a while. (Okay, i do know how to meet people… I mett some cool people now and then but very rarely get a chance to follow up on it)

Understanding a problem isn’t always enough to solve it though, as i found out.

Can I ask you to share your story and findings?

Anyone else feel like it takes 100% effort to only just survive?
Conservatives must watch a lot of anime. I've been wanting some anime lately, and I'd have to go mha plus ultra to actually be thriving. I f you haven't seen mha, is one of those anime things where the protagonist puts in more than 100% effort to defeat the bad guy. Conservatives be like, "I went plus ultra on my bootstraps"

Thin blue line is pretty weak at some workplaces
Some work places, the coworkers are pretty good about not ratting each other to management. But at others, management doesn't keep an iron grip on you, but coworkers do, due to like petty grievances. By a similar notion, i've often had trouble hanging out with coworkers while i'm at the same workplace as them, i have an easier time after they're ex-coworkers, since i don't have any back of my mind thoughts wondering if i mess up in conversation when we're out drinking, that they'll invent some bs to tell management. Any advice on this? And it sounds like cops (mostly) never rat on each other, no matter how much they should.

When do you miss your ex?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/349695 > Me - when I'm lonely.

When do you miss your ex?
Me - when I'm lonely.