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So it depends on whether each application allows setting Socks 5? Is there a list somewhere to check a list of the software that allow that configuration? I would need at least alacritty, element and a couple others. And how could I block the rest of the connections that don’t go through Socks 5?

How do I configure tor system-wide on linux?
So instead of using only tor when using tor browser, I can use tor while using firefox, the command line, etc. I use Manjaro Cinnamon. I know I'll have to be careful with emails and some other applications that aren't encrypted.

I’ve stopped using bookmarks and got an extension to show websites sorted by number of visits.

A better way of organizing bookmarks?
I can either put only a few bookmarks on the toolbar or put many bookmarks organized in folders and then forget about many of them since I never use them or see them. Is there any other way of organizing bookmarks?

How do you remember your bangs/keywords?
I have `!` instead of `!bangs` set to search the bangs, because I'm always searching for what is the bang that I need. And that doesn't really save me any time.

Random username generator?
I usually go to reddit and copy the first username that I see. Is there a quicker way to get a username like *noun_adjective_number*?

How do you easily share contact information between Android and linux?
That is the last thing left for me to do before finally deleting the gmail account.

What is your preferred way of finding torrents?
I personally like https://btdig.com/

Why the screen to body ratio of smartphone displays has improved faster than other monitors?
While TVs, laptops and PC monitors still have bezels for the most part, smartphones have accomplished a much superior screen to body ratio. Why is that?

Why is IRC still used?
You can't even see the history in many channels.

Is there a better way to save tabs?
I can think of either putting very few bookmarks in the *Bookmarks Toolbar* or putting all I want in folders and then forgetting about most of them, because I don't really see them after organizing them into folders. Are there any other practical ways of doing it?

The inherently wrong thing about algorithms is that since they are made to maximize profits by maximizing engagement, they produce addiction. I don’t see anything wrong with an opt-in option for algorithms as long as there is a warning about the fact that it may produce addiction. The problem is that for an algorithm to work more data needs to be gathered. And since many FOSS software is privacy focused they don’t tend to gather much data.

I was hopping there was an easy to find torrent containing all the breaches.

Where can I download breached data?
I wanted to check a caller identity. I've checked in https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and it seems the phone appears in Facebook data breach from April 2021. Where can I download this data?

Don’t know if this goes here or in /AskLemmy, but just wanted to know the best FOSS social networks, why are there so good? What would be the propietary equivalent?

FOSS social networks don’t sell your data or show you adds. Have you heard of alternativeto.net? You can see the different open source alternatives to any software you want in there

I think mozilla TTS is the best. But this questions should have been asked in /c/Open Source.

I’ve installed this one and it feels much better.

Is there an Android keyboard with fuzzy word finding?
I've replaced all my apps for FOSS alternatives, but the keyboard I have now seems very difficult to write in compared to what I used to have. It just doesn't recommend me appropriate enough words to have to write less. I want something that I can add different languages and it has a fuzzy finder to let me select words by typing only a few characters. Is there something like that?

A fabric with two straight cuts to put your legs in easily and holes to fit the fabric around the legs.

I’ve never used audacity in real time, isn’t it to edit audio files?

I’ve clarified in the question that I’m looking for something in real time.

Is there any software to filter high pitched sounds?
Something that lets me select a frequency above which all sounds would be filtered in real time? I don't know if a software can separate the high pitched sounds from the rest of the sounds. If it was possible that would be perfect. If not just removing all sounds when any sound goes above the threshold.

The problem is that it says in the wiki:

Warning: AUR helpers are not supported by Arch Linux. You should become familiar with the manual build process in order to be prepared to troubleshoot problems.

In a scary red banner. I don’t know what they may do to me if I go and ask there XD. I actually hadn’t seen it.

In Arch Linux, how do I install a list of packages from a file with an AUR helper?
In Arch Linux I want to get a list of the packages installed and install all packages from a file. But I want to include packages from the AUR. With pacman I can get the [list of installed packages](https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Pacman/Tips_and_tricks#List_of_installed_packages): ``` $ pacman -Qqe > pkglist.txt ``` And [install packages from a list](https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Pacman/Tips_and_tricks#Install_packages_from_a_list): ``` # pacman -S --needed - < pkglist.txt `` `

I have to substitute zplug, what do you recommend?
zplug is giving me errors an since it is no longer maintained I may not be able to fix them. So if I were to change my plugin manager which one would you recommend?


pop doesn’t support folders, just an inbox. it’s old and basic mutt-wizard is quick and very clever and will probably give you a working config, but it can contain a lot of detail that you might not need or understand oh, local folders. if you try to save to them, I think they should be created

It looks wrong that there are many answers to a non existing comment.

I fixed it with by using a different app.

Ok thanks. I had seen three issues talking about it so I thought they had already done it.

I found it lacking at best. I didn’t even see the option to change the bitrate before recording.

This seems helpful but after following it I still don’t see any italics. Perhaps I haven’t configured it properly in neovim.

So it’s already a feature for recent comment sorting? I haven’t seen a way to bump, besides commenting on the post, but that’s messy. How would I do it?

I fracking hate discord. People use it for everything now, not just gaming, for the convenience of an easy to use cross-platform application. Almost every message board on the internet has been deserted and moved to discord. And it makes it so difficult to find anything useful. Every time I want to find something there I feel as if no matter how much time I spend using the search I’m never going to find it. And when I ask I feel as if the same question has probably been asked hundreds of times before and makes me feel dumb for not being able to find the answer. If you read the messages as they arrive, with just a couple of servers that you follow, your day is gone and you can’t do anything else. Of course it makes it convenient not having to create an account for each website like before, but so does the fediverse. I won’t even go into the privacy concerns I have with so many people feeding their life into discord’s database.