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Lol, it is like another person is holding the kids head

I would like to see some sort of tag or label feature for posts in communities. I think it would help in organizing and tracking down posts in a community. Also, I think requiring a user to label their post or add a tag will help them think over if their post will be a good fit to the community.

I think there is a plugin which enables activitypub integration

I usually crosspost the tilvids post to other communities as well

No, I am still on Windows 10.

I will not update to windows 11

So downloading a video as a torrent will reduce the load on the peertueb instance?

Firefox new updates are full of great features and improvements. Really great work firefox team!

Pretty cool.

QWERTY is the only layout I am familiar with. How long does it take you to learn a new layout?

Btw, I should add that the faster you type on a real keyboard, the more annoying it feels to type on a virtual keyboard, but then again I guess most people wouldn’t type longer text on a virtual keyboard anyway.

yeah, virtual keyboards suck

You are right. In monkey type and other type speed testing platforms, I am able to type somewhat fast. But when I need to leave a comment or type an essay, there is significant slowdown because I need to think.

Hmm… I never knew choosing another layout would help in increasing typing speed. Cool!

Yeah. I can type without looking at the keyboard but I make a lot of mistakes when I don’t look. I guess, I need more practice.

Does typing speed really matter?

My typing speed is not that good, its about 40 words per minute. But there are people who can type at more than 100 words per minute. …

Great article and it is strange that Moxie doesn’t really like Signal forks using their servers. Isn’t what Moxie doing against the license of the project?

Signal is great but as written in the article there are problems with it. But the great thing about Signal is that it is really simple to use and there is nothing to really set up.

Element on the other hand has a kind of complicated UI. I am fine with the UI but I often hear new people complaining about it.

The matrix protocol is great and I love the decentralised aspect of it.

If you install the app on another device, sometimes old messages in an encrypted room won’t appear and then you have to request a key from another session, get the device verified, etc. This process is kinda difficult to understand for me.

Its not like Rust is going to replace C++, right?

Will Rust replace C++ in the future?

Hmm… interesting

I wonder what the use case for groups will be. Share photos to only selected people?

Public timeline is trash🤮

I don’t really browse the public timeline but when I do, I wish I never looked at it again. …

What do you think about breaking encryption to catch criminals?

I find this question tough. Catching criminals is great but what about breaking encryption?..