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Aha that is totally what it was! Thank you so much!

When I click on the link you provided, I see my post.

When I go on the !AI@lemmy.ml page on lemmy.ca, I don’t see it. On any device of my devices (browser and app). I tried to sort by new and I still don’t see it. Does it need a moderator’s acceptance or something?

So if I look at a community's page on the instance proper, like: https://lemmy.ml/c/artificial_intel . There are posts there that are not reflected when I look at it from lemmy.ca: https://lemmy.ca/c/artificial_intel@lemmy.ml Including a post that I've posted from Lemmy.ca! Is there something I'm misunderstanding about federation that would lead to this behaviour?

A lot of hype around LLMs these days. I wonder how long until we get to the trough of disillusionment.

Facebook taking a page from MS and trying to expand, extend and extinguish?