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Dont think we have that here. It happens a lot that cars have to wait for the bus to depart. No one minds.

I guess that happens when pallers dont use public transport. Here in my city in Spain I think all the bus stops are before traffic lights.

Good job, then people will just use Monero instead. Private by default and no need for mixers.

The problem is that renewables cant produce baseline energy the way coal or nuclear can. Instead the energy output of renewables varies wildly between sunny, windy summer days and dark, calm winter days (as two extremes). Electricity storage is way too expensive to alleviate that. And if we stop using oil and gas, all industry would collapse completely.

Wine is Not an Emulator. In aome cases it even gives better performance than windows (especially if you use proton, the fork from valve).

They insulted the ideology

Sounds like you are in a cult.

Some people just dont like to have politics shoved down their throat all the time. Is that so hard to understand?

The described case ia only one of many problems with Wikipedia. Another problem is that its organization is completely intransparent, with soke anonymous powerusers being able to revert any edits which they dont like. As a result, there is a very strong political bias in articles about politics or history.

I dont think you read the linked page. There was a completely made up article on Wikipedia for more than 10 years. Any real encyclopedia with professional editors would have caught such nonsense long before publishing.

I wouldnt know. Good that ublock origin and newpipe exist.

By that logic, people from United States should have been banned from visiting other countries decades ago.

But the logic doesnt make any sense. If people can leave their country, it will allow them to know different perspectives, and show that improvements in their own country are possible.

There are ads on youtube???

Ukraine isnt able to decide anything for itself. Its being managed entirely by NATO/USA.

Some people just spend too much time online.

It also breaks the “violence solves everything” trope that is so common in USian movies.