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Well Xi seemed to have died without ever giving us the next VIM or Emacs.

Try eating a low carb diet. Or a carnivore diet preferably. All your dental issues will subside within a year.

The problem is white privilege does exist. And it doesn’t. Its completely dependent on where you are.

Its better to be south Asian in IT IMO.

And there are other areas and places like that.

So some people will experience it, some people will experience the opposite.

That’s why it’s dumb to define the concept with white in the name.

Rpi4s are selling for 200$ on Amazon. Its dumb because you can just by a Intel board for that price. N2 plus is cheaper and more powerful

You’re correct - Flutter isn’t a native Android language

I never said this. Flutter is a framework not a language. Dart is it’s primary language. Like javascript is to webdev. However you can write extensions in c++, rust or other. Flutter is a first class android framework that compiles to machine code. Kotlin is still usually running in a VM. So in that way its kinda more native. Flutter is made at google just like android. It just happens to also be able to compile to IPhone, web, Linux, windows too.

That’s why I say it isn’t any less native. And as time goes on it will likely be the dominant way to write mobile apps. I would put my money on it anyway.

There really isn’t anything not native about Flutter. It’s just a newer framework than the default android framework.

docker kill $(docker ps -q);
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q);
docker rmi $(docker images -q);

Should do it. This stops all containers, deletes containers and then deletes all local images.

As a parent of a girl and a boy I don’t believe this is the case. Girls are naturally better at language and social problem solving. By an amazing degree. Boys are naturally better at tinkering with objects, deconstructing them and reconstructing them. These things are obvious within the first two years of life.

Of course there are outliers on either end but for the most part women are more socially intelligent and men are more technically intelligent. Neither is better or worse but each served evolutionary niches in society.

In team environments for just about any profession there is uses cases for all these skills.

Why is piratebay so bad lately?

I notice it doesn’t seem to be giving me good search results lately…


Ok so it sounds like it may be possible with a second map if you clone the drive first? Still ridiculous. We don’t need hardware level encryption for most of our data. It’s not worth the extra trouble and cost it creats imo.

I’ll stick to a mini itx in a ncase m1

Do you have any proof? Has anyone been able to do that yet? I’m gonna have to call BS otherwise.

After swapping the drives you need to reinstall the OS with the new encryption key then everything works fine.

Which only apple can do so the reporting is just fine.

Truth is though, if you made a app that looked as good and could resize itself just as good it would probably be more resource intensive.

If you just have a few input boxes though, its a waste to use electron.

I bought this kit in 7th grade. was like 250$. Getting that thing installed was terrible. You had to enter like 20 commands without seeing anything because it didn’t support a tv by default. Needed something called sync on green rgb monitor if I remember correctly. Which was to expensive for my 12 year old self.

It turned out like 15 years later someone found out there was a command you could enter on the keyboard to make it work right away. I believe I heard that.

I compiled a nes emulator and played through final fantasy 1 on it with a ps2 controller. Which was fun.

Other than that I remember installed a winamp clone, listening to mp3’s. Playing a few music videos I downloaded. early 2000 stuff so like linken park.

I watched dragonball z in japanese with something that supported realplayer videos.

It only had like 32 MB of ram so using it was pretty painful but it taught me the basics of linux at a early age which came in handy later in life.

Download Spotify videos?

Anyone have a reliable method to rip Spotify videos?..


I bought a extdra 500gb ssd and a 15$ license of windows 11 to play it on. Don’t want to wait for proton to fix the direct 12 bugs but installing windows is such a pain. Linux is way easier.

I’m pretty happy without windows. Just need a way to play the new halo

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Buy a librem 5 with hardware cut off switches if you want the privacy

Gab employee talking about problems they ran into with ActivityPub at scale. …


Manjaro vs Arch

Which is better and why?..


Can't run lemmy-ui in dev mode extension error

Anyone else try to run lemmy-ui in developer mode and get the error: …


No auth header for picture upload image upload error

Anybody get this error when trying to run lemmy locally and upload a image? …


git.asonix.dog is down can't build anything

Hi Lemmy, I went to try to build the lemmy stack on a raspberry pi 4 last night, git.asonix.dog is down and because of that I can’t build a lot of stuff, like pict-rs. Lots of dependencies point to git.asonix.dog and changing to alternative github repo’s don’t seem to be working for me. Anyone know…


Where is the source code for pictrs?

Looking over lemmies docker-compose environment I see a image hosting service named pictrs. For the life of me I can’t find it’s source code. Anybody able to point me to it?..