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    Undertale isn’t a masterpiece. The moral of the game is that children who are beaten shouldn’t fight back. The mother figure everyone fawns over is an abuser who beats up a child for trying to leave her. The game is only popular because its target audience are adults who were abused as kids and want an excuse to slip back into that mindset and be told their trauma reactions are justified.

  • I didn’t do that, the DNC did that. I may be the ally of the DNC today, but my affections are fickle. I will aid the DNC when and only when it suits my goals. One day I will call Biden a corrupt fascist puppet, and the next I will defend him from the same accusations. The difference is that I will attack him when there’s a chance to get someone better on the blue side of the vote, and I’ll defend him when the candidates are set and he’s the only one who can defeat Trump. It is all a utilitarian calculation to me. I am not so privileged as to bring feelings into my decision about who to vote for. There are more important things at stake than how I feel.