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the beauty with matrix being open-source and decentralized is that anyone can just implement indexability themselves, as someone in the thread has already given an example of

though i don’t think support servers are a good idea in the first place

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the title says “a large number of cases” which isn’t necessarily every possible case.

linking the original story or paper would have been good so we could check these things

i wouldn’t mind spending a weekend doing that. unfortunately i don’t know anyone in the area who’d be willing to do it with me

i was thinking the same thing

stable control is not necessary for a good, functioning society that best serves its inhabitants in the short and long term. it is, however, necessary for easy subjugation, authoritarianism, and, inevitably, fascism. there also don’t need to be any rules that people must follow, just agreed upon principles to use to resolve conflict.

funny, but shouldn’t this be in !memes? what does it have to do with programming

when it goes towards a cause or group that is wrong. donating to a terrorist group is still charity.

probably hardcoded in there or something, because if everything in PS is disabled it’s not actually using any of it. try microg or a cracked version of whatsapp from some shady site

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is there a pic that i’m not seeing?

gross but wholesome

all people are extremely racist, it’s part of our nature. white people are just the only ones that have had the power to do such terrible things about it. you could argue others have done worse, but i think it’s an unarguable fact that white people have done it to a larger extent than anyone else. and it’s only because they could, not because they were any more prone to it than anyone else.

btw, empathy is also an integral part of our nature, so through conscious effort and exposure, we can realize that we are not as different as we think, and counteract the natural urge to be racist

i hope the takeaway from that is that prisons are unjustifiable, and not that gulags, or other forms of supposed re-education, are justifiable.

this is like an optical illusion or something, how tf are their legs like that?

you can use a matrix bridge to whatsapp so you don’t have to switch completely to talk to the few who are on matrix. it’ll also make it easier to get other people to switch, because they won’t have to quit whatsapp completely. maybe just phrase it as “this app looks and feels cooler than whatsapp, but has all your contacts. try it!”. if you make your own homeserver that’ll be even better because you can set up accounts for people yourself, and you don’t have to worry about privacy, because the whatsapp bridge isn’t e2ee

i think this kind of strategy always works best for switching over to better services. like instead of switching to mastodon completely, use a mirror bot to follow certain twitter accounts or use one of the apps that shows tweets alongside toots. or for peertube, use newpipe so you can subscribe to youtube channels as well. i’m sure there’s a similar option for instagram and pixelfed, or facebook and friendica

commie would be pretty fitting

i propose: lemmunity

community is too common of a word and sublemmy doesn’t sound right

it’s 7:37 right now. i guess i should go study

a generic alphabetic sort library should do the job. might even have it in the standard library of your lang.

but yea, i get your point. if you make a small script and don’t take meticulous care, even if you’re a professional programmer, that script will eventually break on some edge case, and the effort required to prevent that outweighs the benefit of the script. been there too many times, and i scrap most of this stuff because of it. or find some unintuitive manual solution to it.