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it’s almost like it’s actually just one party, and the whole bipartisanship thing is just smoke and mirrors.

if you’re on PC you can hover your mouse over their user, and the link preview thingy that most browsers have in the bottom left corner of the screen will tell you the username and the instance they’re using.

edit; i forgot, hovering also gives you a preview from lemmy itself of their user.

100% always pirate games from the major development corporations, don’t give them your money, they’re killing the industry.

Otherwise, I’ll often pirate a game to try it out, and if I like it enough to see myself actually playing and returning to it, i’ll buy it. I’m angry that game renting doesn’t really seem to be a thing anymore, I miss being able to go to the blockbuster with my parents as a youth to rent a game for the week, why did we accept a new digital system that makes that impossible? The only other option is to download demos, and those are not the same in the slightest.

I’m gonna piggy back on this. I often like to go to sites and search for political terms, just to see how different competing sites are. If you search for “communism” on Amazon, most of your results are anti-communist, where as on Ali it’s hard to find anything anti-communist. On Amazon if you read the reviews on communist books or flags, for instance, you’ll see a lot of the reviews are from anti-communists. Whereas if you read the reviews from anti-communist or NATO backed flags or books (or what have you) on Ali, most of the reviews are pro-communist or anti-NATO.

Amazon and Ali harbour entirely different cultures, and their core demographics are totally different geopolitically. So, for communists, Ali really is the best place to find political stuff.

And the US supreme court moving in favour of the corporations when people who claimed to be ex-child slaves on chocolate plantations in the Ivory Coast accused Nestle of using child slavery.

Americans: “we defend human rights overseas. Slavery is a horrible thing that needs to be ended at all costs!”

Also Americans: supports the invasion of Libya, which resulted in slavery being relegalized. Support sex slaver regimes in the Middle East and Africa. Supports regimes that still use chattel slavery

Are you asking for a beginner course on socialist theory? or for pointers on putting socialism into practice?

There are repositories for both things, but I always point people to reading (or listening to) The Communist Manifesto first. It’s not an overly difficult read for most people, but listening to it in full takes about an hour and a half. If time is an issue, you can watch a summary like this one. In my opinion, you must read TCM and get a strong foundation before you start to read or discuss other socialist theorists, as all notable socialist theorists use Marxism as a basis - unless they’re non-Marxist.

Lemmygrad is the overtly communist instance of Lemmy, we have some resources, and our theory communities are always willing to explain the basics.

Gravel Institute has some decent stuff on youtube, if that’s your thing.

But on putting socialism into practice, figure out which parties are the most active in your area, and see how they try to interact with their communities. The best way to apply socialism will change place to place, so it’s best to just join a party and go from there.

I feel like your reasoning to disregard me is flawed at best. It doesn’t matter if my account is from lemmy.ml or lemmygrad.ml, that’s why we federate, so instances can participate with each other’s content.

As well, my comment was asking for more information because “is lemmy.ml approving war on Ukraine” isn’t enough information for people to know what exactly you want to be answered. Do you want to know how the community on lemmy.ml feels about the war? do you want to know the official admin/dev stance on the war? Are you wanting to know if people are supportive of the war itself, or a faction of the war? Is the inverse of that question what you want, to know if people are against the war in its entirety, or just against a faction? You didn’t clarify that at all. Also the body text “Should it be shut down a few months if it is ?” is nonsensical. What do you mean by “shut down”, why would you think it needed to be “shut down”? Again, not enough information for an answer.

This post likely did poorly because you didn’t provide the information people need to know what you needed from them, my comment getting 5 upvotes (that are visible to me, sometimes federation is weird about not showing votes. also with mine subtracted from the total) proves that people agreed that you failed to provide information.

hello yes, police? I’ve just witnessed a pun crime.

What exactly are you asking? because what you’ve written doesn’t really provide enough information for anyone to really know what you want answered.

maybe now’s a good time to share that Reddit has always had rampant Russophobia. Back in 2016 when the Enough Trump Spam subreddit was made, they added “no xenophobia” to their rules. but every other post was xenophobic towards either Russia, China, or the DPRK. Hell, I got like a thousand downvotes on a comment where I corrected the OP on the reach of DPRK’s missiles (it was one of those “oh no, the north koreans are going to nuke us next week” posts), and nearly all of the thousands of comments were calling me a Russian bot, or using slurs to insult me.

Russophobia was a big part of the Democrat’s strategy against Trump in that election, claiming that Russia helped Trump win and whatnot. Russophobia is at this point, perhaps, the oldest propagandist tool used by the American state. Ever since the revolution in Russia, and honestly even before it, they scaremongered supporters into supporting whatever it was the politicians or the media wanted them to support, using Russia, the Soviet Union, or Communism (which was tied to the Soviets for them) as the leverage. Black people want rights? can’t do that, that’s communism, and look at what’s going on in the evil USSR. Workers want rights? can’t do that, the evil USSR. so on, so forth. It’s very disheartening that they still use this tactic today, but it’s even more disheartening that in the information age, where anyone can simply look the information up and disprove the propaganda, people still eat the tactic up like day-old fries.

I always tip as much as I possibly can when I order from UberEats (or any of the other services), I’ve been looking at UberEats for a while as a possible way of making a little money while I’m out of work. You’re meant to make a delivery fee for every delivery made, plus the tips. But that fee is just like 4 or so dollars, not enough to even cover gas.

Tip your waiters, but more importantly, tip your delivery service driver too. Tip them handsomely. Tip more than a fair amount. They really need it.

this is exactly what political satire should be imo.

not just a joke to make fun of a politician or a political ideology, but a joke that points out a flaw or hypocrisy of the politician or political ideology. When I was in comedy school, this is absolutely the kind of satire we would’ve examined.

I don’t know much about it, but seeing as it’s just a bunch of far-right chuds, it’s probably going to fizzle out and become something they use as a badge of honour on their forums, but nothing ever comes of. Just like always happens when these sorts of people hold rallies.

One of the worst parts of Reddit is the hundreds of reposts you’d see over and over and over and over, that were only reposted because someone saw that it got a lot of upvotes previously. Or the posts that were only posted because the OP wants some sensationalism upvotes.

Then you’ve also got subs that require a certain karma threshold to post, users to bully other users for having low karma, etc. Just a pain in the ass all around, that gets addictive because “imaginary number go up, that mean people like me”.

The karma system’s probably, at least in my opinion, one of the biggest things that ruined Reddit.

You know, when I asked for a guillotine, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

(is it okay to joke about this? hopefully it is, if not then I apologize)

it feels like too much effort for one person to be doing, but if it is one person, then they’re far more pitiful than I assumed. seriously, can you imagine what a person who’d go through this much effort to accomplish nothing must be living like? It genuinely makes me sad for them to think about.

like, if it is one person, and they’re not just a 15 year old with a bunch of free time, I’ll be genuinely shocked. pitiful is a word I’ve already used in this comment, but it’s honestly the only nice word I can think of for that level of depravity.

You should probably find some active users to appoint as moderators, to reduce your workload.

The American racial divide in fear of the police
cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/51228 > >Most White respondents felt safe, but most Black respondents lived in fear of the police killing them and hurting their family members. Approximately half of Black respondents preferred to be robbed or burglarized than to have unprovoked contact with officers.

What do you do for a living? I'm always fascinated to know.
in addition to that, did you choose your job or was it something you fell into? do you enjoy it? I wanna know all the neat lil details, this stuff is really cool to me.