All Cops Are Bastards

Eva Mireles, one of the teachers who was killed, called her husband, who was also a police officer, to save her. But, of course, the other cops had to prevent him from doing so.

Most people in the hood don't know what acab means?
At least the hood here. Why? I figured ppl who live/spend a lot of time in the hood would know what acab means. I've also only seen acab graffiti irl once ever and that was during the big black lives matter protests of like 2019.

So at this point, even the most conservative talking head has to admit that the police are covering something up. So I have a few guesses 1. Uvalde police shot at least one kid, probably multiple. 2. The police are trying to keep the identity of whoever gave the order for them to stand around under wraps 3. Because the school in question was majority latino, radio chatter was abuzz with racial slurs or "jokes"

cross-posted from: > RIP me when i eventually get picked up by the police and they check my posting history - they'll kill me for sure.

TIL: Propagandhi released an album which was "dedicated to Rodney Naistus, Neil Stonechild and Lawrence Wegner, murdered by members of the Saskatoon Police Department"
cross-posted from: > In 2005, the Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi released the album Potemkin City Limits, including the song "The Bringer of Greater Things", which was "dedicated to Rodney Naistus, Neil Stonechild and Lawrence Wegner, murdered by members of the Saskatoon Police Department" (album liner notes).

LAPD refuses to allow the People’s Summit for Democracy a mass march
>The Los Angeles Police Department has refused to grant a permit to the People's Summit for Democracy for a legal mass march scheduled to coincide with Biden's Summit of the Americas on Friday, June 10. This is an outrageous denial of the First Amendment rights to free speech and to peacefully assemble. A press conference has just concluded Los Angeles calling on all progressive people to demand that city authorities reverse this decision immediately. We encourage all supporters to make phone calls, send letters and post online to spread this news far and wide. > >To support the ongoing organizing of the People's Summit for Democracy, [please make an urgently needed donation today.]( An event of this scale, over three days, with transportation, sound, stage, literature and more, costs huge sums of money. The LAPD is trying to sabotage all this work. But they won't succeed. >The Summit of Americas is shaping up badly for the White House, as Biden's exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua has led to nearly 20 heads of state saying they will not attend. Meanwhile, the People's Summit has been gaining momentum over the last few weeks with endorsements from major unions and immigrant rights organizations, and prominent speakers coming from across the country and the world. Los Angeles authorities are trying to cover up this political embarrassment by preventing a march altogether. The ANSWER Coalition, and the other convening organizations of the People's Summit, are committed to exercising our free speech rights and marching regardless. > >Register to attend the People's Summit [here.]( Credits to the ANSWER Coalition for e‐mailing this to me.

Starting to look like the cops did something worse than not responding. Starting to look like they shot a few of the kids and are trying to bury it.

All Cops Are Bastards

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