Presumably so you’ll be forced to use their DNS, which lets them know what sites you go to. So thanks for that Shaw.

You can usually set up which DNS server to use in the device settings of each of your devices. is more work but fixes it.

That would work for regular providers, but because I want to use a local Pihole instance, if a device doesn’t support setting different DNS servers for different networks, it would break as soon as I leave the house.

Pihole let’s you configure which DNS servers you want to use. After that you only need to configure your computer, phone etc. to use the Pihole as gateway and DNS server, after which the Pihole will perform the DNS lookups.

I know, but the problem is that because it’s on a local IP, as soon as I leave my Wi-Fi network, some devices will fail to resolve DNS queries because they don’t have per-network DNS options.

I think you can set up your pihole with a VPN for remote use too.

I just searched and found this tutorial but there should be more around:

Alternatively, you could try to set your ISPs router into Bridge mode and use another router as the main router.

why can’t you just set your custom DNS servers on each device? do they block DNS requests to servers other than their own?

You shouldn’t be using an ISP-supplied router anyway, right?

You don’t know what they’ve put in the firmware for remote management.

Even buying the same model router from a store to replace the ISP one would be preferable.

I know, but I live with my parents who don’t want to do that.

Some companies don’t allow you to change router as part of the contract. That happens here and in Latam sometimes.

Other times, they use these backdoors for technical assistance in the case you report an issue and they want to ensure is not inside or your manipulation. This can leave your issues unsolved or make you pay for something you didn’t make.

In that case I would look into switching ISPs, or maybe connect another router and put the ISP-supplied one in bridge mode if possible.

You can connect your own router and set the DNS server on that. They also can’t see all the devices on your network if they are all hiding behind another router.


Don’t worry, things will get awesome once Rogers has bought em out.


Oh yeah, super excited about that /s

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