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Not yet, but I live in fear.

I did make the mistake of mounting a drive while I was in the middle of formatting another one. It just halted the operation so it wasn’t too bad, but I try to be more careful now.

We champion the free-flowing exchange of information, ideas, and opinions online. As guaranteed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, civil liberty and freedom of speech and expression must always be protected and preserved.


fReE sPeEcH

First community is called “Fake News”

Links to Project Veritas


No thank you, nazis.

To be fair there are a lot of English-speaking nazis that end up on VK after they get canceled from other platforms.

I kind of love the Japanese Internet. Those old-school sites where everything is in plain HTML. That period before the iPhone where Japan was producing all kinds of futuristic flip-phones was great.

This is mine: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1362/custom-hot-corners/

I’m pretty sure that’s the one. I use hot corners a lot when I’m using a mouse / trackpad to quickly display all open applications, or to show the desktop.

If it gets integrated into Gnome I probably wouldn’t use any other extensions.

Solid review.

Have you played Chrono Trigger yet?

I haven’t read a lot of these sources myself yet, but the first one at least by the Communist Party of India is worth a read.

I think you can set up your pihole with a VPN for remote use too.

I just searched and found this tutorial but there should be more around:


In that case I would look into switching ISPs, or maybe connect another router and put the ISP-supplied one in bridge mode if possible.

However you feel about RMS, I think we can all agree that the FSF goofed up.

Whether it was a defiant announcement that they won’t let freedom-hating SJWs cancel Stallman, or an announcement of accountability, apology, or steps to address his behaviour — they should have made some kind of statement instead of just letting Stallman himself announce that he was returning without much explanation.

You shouldn’t be using an ISP-supplied router anyway, right?

You don’t know what they’ve put in the firmware for remote management.

Even buying the same model router from a store to replace the ISP one would be preferable.

I much prefer macOS to Windows, and Gnome is a good transition from macOS.

I use a trackpad, and never found the need to use min / max buttons. I use the upper left hot corner to display all windows, and lower left to display the desktop.

On Mac I use 4 finger swipes a lot to transition between workspaces for applications I want to use full screen. So those gestures in Gnome 40 sound like a welcome addition, and I’m sure they’ll go some ways to convince more Mac users to try Linux.

I know Gnome and especially Pop!_OS are meant to be very keyboard-centric. But I’m quite used to using a trackpad.

Well, I’m transitioning into using TWMs like Sway now, but Gnome is definitely my favorite DE.

I’m also forced to use Windows a lot, but don’t enjoy it at all.

How’s does the build feel? Is it solid? How are the hinges, etc?

No, it doesn’t depend on another DNS provider.

I just set up Pi-hole / unbound on a raspberry pi zero w:


It’s not too difficult. All you need is the raspberry Pi zero W and a microSD card. You can power it via USB. You don’t even need to connect a monitor / keyboard for set up.

That’s pretty cool. I’m surprised how well everything seemed to run.

I was wondering what had happened, then I read about the OVH fire… I guess it’s a good lesson in being prepared for anything. Glad to see you could get everything back up and running so quick.

Communique from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation

Jellyfin looks like it will now have 2 release candidates for testing and bug-fixing before the full release. As such, this won’t auto-update, but the brave can install manually.