I do for my jobs that pay me daily. But for the ones that are suppose to pay every 2 weeks or so, i have no idea.

My coworkers talk about the pay days that happen once/2 weeks. I assume they’re still in the pay check to pay check situation so they particularly pay attention?

I guess i’ll try to figure out when i’m suppose to get paid so i can see if my boss is shorting me since someone else here said they were being short changed.

7un an

Every 2 weeks on Fridays. It should be consistent and clearly defined by your employer. They need to be fair to you!

un an

I get paid once a month. I don’t know when exactly. I don’t earn enough to live off but I still have a small reserve, so it’s okay.

Every 2 weeks. Anything other than that, you need to press your boss.

Normally you get paid at the same time on the same day every 1-2 weeks. And you should be getting a paystub physically or digitally detailing what you got paid for

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