Howdy all,

If you’re interested in testing out Lemmur, one of the Lemmy clients, I’ve created a fresh set of builds from the github source code:

These builds are use-at-your-own-risk - I’ve just recently provided them since I have everything setup to build and I’ve posted a previous build set on the Lemmy matrix chat, which seemed to go over quite well.

I only have an arm64 device, and it installed and seems to be working just fine for me.


the primary changes from the previous build are:

  • added pull to refresh
  • added search tab

this comment was made using lemmur btw 😎


Well, it actually looks quite nice and works all right so far (arm64 version). I have been using the Firefox “Add to Home screen” function to access Lemmy (as if it was its own application) until now, but this is probably already a better alternative. Thank you.

Looks nice, but the app crashes when adding an account( I’m using OnePlus 8 Pro that has a Snapdragon 865 CPU along with the arm64 build from the above, not sure if that’s the correct build.


There were some reports in chat recently about this issue, seemed to possibly be related to Android 11. Is that what you’re on?

So if you can create a debug build to show/send the logs, I’d be happy to provide those logs.


Hey, I hadn’t responded to this yet, but I think you’d want to discuss with the developers - they’ve gone and done new builds right in github now!

Just installed from there, thanks. Works!


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