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Just a little appreciation to the lemmur devs

The things are changing constantly: …


I see it as a configurable solution, as Lemmy isn’t only the site but rather a platform.

How it’s represented then on the Pleroma side, just as a post from a user or what? The community of the post is being skipped?

So, to clarify: is this about the upcoming Pleroma groups? So that a Pleroma user will see a Lemmy post in a Lemmy community as a remote Pleroma toot in a Pleroma group?

Wondering what kind of content is going to be federated with Pleroma? Haven’t they already got groups?

Introducing Hummingbard

A Matrix-based Reddit/Lemmy/blogs/whatever alternative. Let’s see how it will evolve…


I think there’s a clear distinction between an active community that at some point becomes inactive, and an empty community that has never been active. So different thresholds should be applied in these cases.

The thing is discoverability. In general, you can’t just search advertise the entire Fediverse using a party of a name, like “find me all communities about Africa”.

So then just wait when someone implements what you want, as I do.

From what I understand, Cerulean is more a proof of concept rather than in the works, tons of other more important things to implement. It first needs to have a proper spec on the Matrix side, then maybe an ActivityPub bridge, but the spec first. The answer anyway is - you want, you do, that’s open source.

Depends on what you consider useful. Does Mastodon have the same peer-to-peer video streaming features as Peertube? Also, subscribing to someone’s account from their page is a pain in many cases, when it’s not my instance I have to type my account ID manually, redirect to my instance and subscribe from there. And for nearly half Pleroma instances I get just Unknown error instead of proper redirect, so I copy their account username and domain, and paste them into the search field of my instance to find the account and subscribe. So, as I’ve said before, the reality can differ from what could be considered usable.

Seems it’s not fetching 20 posts if I understand things correctly. I searched and then subscribed right away, if that was first search, does it mean I will see 20 posts before the moment I subscribed?

How long does it take for a remote community to federate?

I’ve just subscribed to, and now refreshing its local representation here at, but still no content. Will continue refreshing and will update this post as soon as I see the content reached this instance, but anyway I’m curious how long it coul…


Interoperability is just an idea, the reality can differ, see what’s happening in the XMPP world for example. If Mastodon hasn’t got groups, how it will display group discussions from Lemmy or Mobilizon or maybe Pleroma in future?

I’ve been following him for a while, so if anything interesting maybe I’ll make another post.

They are limited to the functionality of a specific service where you have the identity. So that unless Mastodon supports groups, you won’t be able to discuss things on Lemmy with a Mastodon account.

I just mistakenly thought it was ! And there’s even no such community.


A Material-looking mobile optimized UI for Mastodon/Pleroma which follows the Google+ look. The last commit was 8 months ago, and the muse-ui library hasn’t been updated for 2 years, but still works and looks awesome…


A very nice app that displays the feed in the “post + comments” way rather than in a microblogging manner…


Which Fediverse platforms have/are planning groups?

From what I know, Friendica, Hubzilla and Mobilizon already have groups, Pleroma is planning. Am I missing any other potential candidate to eventually federate with Lemmy?..


This seems to be a boost for using Flutter on Linux…


! as a symbol for communities

Just wondering why the ! symbol is used to mark a community here on Lemmy, but not #, + or something else? Was there any discussion and mentioned reasons? Thanks in advance…


Am I the only one experiencing double notifications on web?

Every time someone creates a post on Lemmy here, I get two exactly the same notifications at the same time in my Firefox. Shall I file a bug, or this is something wrong with my browser?..


Feature requests to Lemmy

The below is my personal wishlist. I fully understand it’s a long way to implement all of that. Everything is to be discussed. Correct me if some items from this list are already in the roadmap or have been implemented. …