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Not sure there is a province less interested in participating with Canada than Quebec and them taxes are encouraging

No its saying that franchising is an alternative growth option to chain stores.

I think we are talking about a franchise here.

I have never been more disenfranchised by our “proud nation” than I am now, knowing that the harmony of the treaties I was taught in the 90s as a child were outright lies. Propaganda to keep compassion out of the way

Take a look at the last 2 years of Motorola devices. Especially if your camera is more of a tool than it is a luxury. I picked up a Motorola G Power 1.5 years ago for around $300. 4G of ram, expandable SD storage.

I am only now starting to feel the bloat of my application choices and am thinking about slimming the software that I use to prevent things that I want to keep running from getting killed.

The battery works super, duper well even after my heavy usage. I’m at 50% around bed time.

Ironically enough I feel like intolerance is the left’s biggest problem.

I enjoy a similar tool called borg backup, which uses end to end encryption by default

Bitcoin is printing money. It messes with inflation but you can’t even burn it to stay warm once you can’t afford a place to stay

I can see why Albertans resent taxes. They pay the most and their roads ares till crud