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Sorry I don’t get whats funny here. Yes we all despise our HOA. Food gardens are actually beautiful.

So true 🤣. Still, I have seen so many who can do complex BODMAS calculations in head and can remember so many math formulas( more than me at least), yet they cant use thos formulas properly in excel. Thus they weep to me, coz their boss wants them to make a spreadsheet model for the projection.

It is cool indeed, we learned this in 2nd year of uni. It was a game to learn binary system. Never got into habit of doing this for daily use.

Fun fact for the curious: The Max you can count = (2^(Max fingers))-1

Imo wireless charging is a fad or it need to develop alot to truly be useful. With wired charging, with long enough cable, you can at least use the phone while it’s charging. Or even better powerbanks: portable.

I wouldn’t have care if it was the case from the start ( the point I had started using Lemmy) coz I would’ve accepted it as a feature. Yet now if devs would remove it, I know, I’d be a bit upset.

I was like, dude!! I’ll leave after you, yet you doesn’t seem to leave for so loooooong

So awkward

This. Yet also I felt manjaro is railroad-ing new users that is alright up to a point but it is a hinderance when the user want to experiment. I suggest manjaro to all new users to manjaro who are a little techie yet I suggest manjaro first and dual boot arch later to fiddle with it and learn. Then when you’re comfortable enough with arch remove manjaro.

Yes, people won’t always follow thru coz they get comfortable with manjaro and tag arch as hard to use and need alot of time to set up , then they give up.

Truely sad times. Alot of websites don’t support rss out of the box and those who used to do it are either phasing it out or keep it well hidden. Don’t talk about big social, I never had faith in walled gardens which won’t let you see the happening inside. Yes there are exception.

Sad part is mastodon had rss but it isn’t working for me, for some instances (that I want to follow). Idk

rss bridge is cool and all but we are in an internet era where we need indirect tactics for what used to be norm and simple stuff.

Heck my generation doesn’t even know what rss is and here I enjoy it to the fullest** of its glory. am I the last generation who’d see it fizzle out. Can’t it be like email?

A truly most obscure piece of code and feature that a free, open, and accessible internet needs.

Um actually… they’re doing this intentionally, turning their grandchildren into spoilt brats to continue the torture process of their own children. Coz their children ( now a parent) was also a spoilt brat, developed by the great grand parents.

The cycle shall continue.


Idk what you’re laughing at yet It is a thing. Some have decided to fend off corruption of capitalism from inside with tools that capitalism provides.

More power to them.

relejektoMemes@lemmy.mlbrain goes whoosh

And here you are. Spill the beans, may be make a post out of it or give birth to a new community c/noBodyWouldKnow or c/spilledSecerets. You’re anonymous to other users and your friends and that girl would never know. change their names.

No body would know, how’d they know.

Thank you for sharing this. I got to learn alot. Keep up the good work.

Shit’s’ight. I got to learn something new today about briar and network identity link in general. Cool.

Thanks for lemmur deves for making such an awesome app for Lemmy on android. I am grateful of you for this and more.


Obligatory " mission failed successfully"

strong vagina vibe

I like those vibes.

Shit no shit. This just happened to me, I am on the pot. A false alarm but a scary one non the less

In cooperation with Element, and building on the Matrix protocol, development began on BwMessenger; an organisation-wide, secure and device-independent communication system.

If elements or matrix team helped the BWI GmbH, or BWI GmbH themselves told them that they have made something using matrix, then it is fine to post about it.

Or element-matrix people has no communication with BWI GmbH and just found out about their work from third party news and they are here “bragging” how someone used their /awesome/ protocol, than it is blatant self promotion.

“keeping peace "…

FLOSS alternative for : Google's plus code & what3words. [Solved]

Google Plus code and what3words are geo addressing systems which provide a precise location address (upto 3 sq.m.) of any place on earth. These are used to address location which don’t have well known postal address. And these systems provide memorable codes for humans for sharing. …