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It sounds like it was to allow static linking in commercial software. Previously, you had to ship a directory of dynamically linked libraries solely because of license restrictions.

Idea pitch: Carbon pricing with anti-volatility

The idea is to have the least painful way to introduce a carbon tax. As the current elevated prices fall, a carbon tax would be introduced. The main issue with carbon taxes historically is that they’re rather unpopular. They need a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down. Therefore this one…


This is false

tl;dr: You’ve been lied to by a right wing group.

At least when it comes to economics, doubtful. Their combined GDP is US$4.3 trillion. That’s far less than the US (US$20 trillion) and EU (US$17 trillion) and not much more than the state of California (US$3.4 trillion). That said, an economic union would absolutely excellent for Latin America.

They’ve got a good point. At least the US has a media environment where reporters are digging around instead of being tamed lapdogs of the government. This would never have seen the light of day in Russia, let alone an admission by their armed forces. To people who are calling this a whataboutism, it’s worth pointing out that Russia was intimately involved in making Aleppo a bombed out wasteland. I assure you that they killed many civilians and will never hold themselves accountable.

Wikipedia’s article puts it pretty well. It’s poorly defined, partially because of the history of how the alt-right defines itself and partially because it has been improperly used on other far right groups. The best you can get is a white identity ground that despises liberal multiculturalism, but it’s more complex than that.

That set of photos is of Aleppo, which was bombed out by Russia as part of the Battle of Aleppo, not the US or NATO. Also, NATO itself has had no involvement in Syria, just individual countries. That’s not to say that Raqqa doesn’t have its own problems, of course.

I can understand why they are doing it, though. Looks like they are pushing 2FA harder. Given what I have seen recently, that seems highly prudent.

Russia is currently blockading the shipment of large stores of grain in Ukraine. It’s time to end the Black Sea blockade, at least for grains.

This is a trash fire of a law. No viewpoint discrimination in moderation? Oh, I guess that means no kicking Nazis off your platform. Not to mention the numerous legal and constitutional issues this has.

Speaking of Germany, you recently had a mass attack on a train. Difference was this was a knife attack and six people were stabbed, no fatalities. Attacks are just so much harder when you can’t easily acquire a highly lethal weapon, but here in the US there is a huge group that sees the possession massive arsenal as a vital right that must be prioritized when voting. Individual states can’t even really provide effective increases in prohibitions because a shooter can just driver over state lines like this guy did.

I mean… he went into another country just to attack the Kurds, pissing off the US in the process. Seems to have gone a bit beyond messy divorce.

And it’s not just having more powerful hardware available. It can also mean producing less hardware in the first place. Or in the case of a phone, maybe more and more people can just hook it up to a USB-C dock when they need the form factor of a laptop, but otherwise carry around phone.

You call half a trillion dollar damage a win?

I was thinking more a human rights violation.

Donbass, Karkov, a bridge to Crimea

I’m not sure how much good that land bridge to their puppets in the Donbass will do them. It’s a long, narrow strip that will be hard to defend, and I have my doubts about how much Ukraine is willing to promise not to take back what Russia stole.

And the cherry on top, they are getting free weapons from the west.

They might need some after having Ukrainian farmers stealing their conga line of tanks.

It’s hard not to conclude that Russia is taking actions designed to punish the civilian population because the Ukrainian government refused to capitulate. The war is not lost - the Ukrainian government will survive and Russia has paid a high price. It just won’t be a neat and tidy victory for Ukraine, and there’s no way that Russia will ever pay restitution for the half trillion dollars in wanton damage.

I’m not sure how usable a device truly is after 40+ years. I have a toaster that is from the 50’s that still works well. Toast has more or less not changed. Not so much with a computer where it’s aging at 5 years, elderly at 10, and a barely usable potato at 20. Take an older laptop I was setting up for my husband’s grandfather a while ago. I think it was early 00’s. I installed a lightweight Linux distro, but it just wasn’t enough even for that lightweight work.

While you might be able to upgrade piece-by-piece, that’s going to be a tough sell. Manufacturers will have to somehow predict all needs 40 years in the future, down to the holes for the ports. 40 years ago, keyboards and mice were connected not by PS/2 (hadn’t been invented yet) but by DIN and D-sub connectors.

I think part of this needs to lie with software developers. The trend has been more and more towards taking performance shortcuts to cut down on development. I’d like to see more high performance languages get used to stretch the usefulness of hardware.

Point taken. I realize I was lucky in the area of bullying. Either I never was a tempting target, my school didn’t have many bullies, or both. Looking back, I think some people tried to bully me a little and it flew over my head. Kind of hilarious in hindsight.

The Forgotten Story of Harbor Drive: Portland's Demolished Freeway

In the 1970s, Portland made the radical decision to rip up its oldest freeway and replace it with a city park. This documentary explores the forgotten story of Harbor Drive — how it was once Oregon’s most prestigious roadway, and how a variety of circumstances eventually led to its removal…


Blocking on instance level?

Is there a way to block posts from an instance from showing up on my post feed? Lemmygrad has gotten to be a bit much over the past week or so. I know I can block communities, but I would rather not play wack a mole there…


This thread does a good rundown of why the whole pathogen biolab allegation is just a bunch disinformation. Like with many such claims, it’s appealing at first blush, but someone with more knowledge can spot that it’s misleading…


As the White House previously predicted based on intelligence sources, there has been what appears to be a false flag operation in the Donbass region of Ukraine. It was conveniently immediately followed by a letter to the Kremlin asking to be recognized as independent. Also conveniently on hand was …


Request for /c/hamradio modship

I am getting interested in ham radio and I noticed that the Lemmy community was deleted. Could it be recreated with me as the initial mod?..