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that certainly isn’t what history shows, at least in North America. For the most part Unions did the work of getting kids out of the mines. While some union brothers may have been interested in safety, there evidence that it was about eliminating the competition from younger workers who had leas need of $$$ due to not having to support a family etc. As usual after the market has already generally made the switch, the government comes in and makes a law so they can claim the change in market was due to their regulation.

I read your post and I was all “how can you not know if its FOSS” but upon looking at their GitHub clearly their project is open source, but I don’t actually see a license file as I’d expect. As such until proven otherwise I would have to assume its non-free software.

As a parent of young people who would like to be able to make their own money I applaud this.

I mean it’s not like it would make a difference if they did. This seems posturing even more than politicians normally do.

Retooting to lemmy? That’s a thing?

Are you on the most current version of lemmy? I had read that there were improvements recently on how lemmy federates with Mastodon v4, including fixing starting new posts.

I believe #NMUWILDCATS can win! and blow the #hockey predictions RT @hockey@a.gup.pe

What’s with federation?
We have beehaw.org listed as a linked instance. Similarly, they have lemmy.ca listed, yet when i try to access one of their communities like https://lemmy.ca/c/sports@beehaw.org i get an error message

Not off hand, im pretty sure its based off of Norton.

I don’t know man. I got kicked off of my work profile today because they now identified lemmy.ca as a phishing site. Worked fine a few weeks ago.

URL: https://lemmy.ca Intensive Protection level: Level 1 URL category: Phishing

Image of Canadian Icefisherman at the Olympics being disqualified for drinking beer, which we all know is a performance enhancing drug for ice fishing.