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I always ask them what liberal actually means. Neither conservatives or self identifying liberals have been able to answer

How can we ever hope to tix this? On top of all the other shitty things going on in the world, this is the thing that really removes all hope for humanity (and life on this planet) from my mind. Like a crushing fuck you to all organic life, it just makes me want to completely drop out of society. Who the fuck can stand working 40 hours a week for some shitty company if they know they’re inhaling plastic dust wherever they go?

Meanwhile they’re making more single use plastics than ever. No real push to replace it with something biodegradable by any world power. Its not even like that would fix the problem, just barely slowing new accumulation of microplastics but that will never be enough to save us.

I talk about this to people and they either call me a cynical asshole for making then feel bad, or they just don’t care. No wonder the billionaires are building rockets.

I bring you love and peace

They keep saying its a health concern but dont actually say whats bad about vaping. Its like they’re just doing this whole campaign because they dont like it.

Also diacetyl has not been used in any vape liquids for like ten years.

Hah and they look like 3bs. Doesn’t look like they have any blue USB ports.

Because capitalism and other liberal ideologies are inherently exploitative.

Dont take diarrhea if you are allergic to vomit.

Indeed it is. But unlike what passes for conspiracy theories these days, its an actual theory.

Yeah because its been spooked to be that way. Example take qanon which was just a large scale psyop to push gullible idiots further to the right. Most definitely manufactured (or at least perpetuated) by some state adjacent organization. Not to mention there were no real theories, it was just a bunch of reactionary masturbation.

Many people I talk to today have never even heard of a jfk conspiracy nor the Iran contra affair when they flooded the country with cocaine. Most liberals just disregard those as crazy conspiracy theories even tho Iran contra was proven to have happened.

Flood the media with manufactured conspiracy theories while ignoring the actual conspiracies behind the curtain.

Conspiracy theory is a derogatory term pushed by the CIA to discredit intents to question the status qoa.

Is that what you’re going to say when the fruit stand tells you they dont accept crypto?

Is it an intended 'feature' of lemmy to restrict users ability to make comments when blocked by OP?

so this CHEF-KOCH guy banned and deleted my comments from his community. I messaged to ask why and he blocked me from messaging him. He recently made a post in /c/linux and i am unable to comment on the post of any of the comments to the post. …


How do I remove lemmygrad.ml from c/all

It’s just a bunch of tankies shitposting for mao. how do i stop seeing these idiot posts?..