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Maybe it didn’t open the ports? See firewall in the yunohost admin panel

also it’s pretty slow at the moment, I can’t watch a 1080p60fps video in real time

btw do you know why tilvids doesn’t allow other instances to follow and thus have them index their videos?

I agree that this is a good start, I follow most of these but I come from being a Youtube addict so it’s never enough ;)

What are your favorite peertube channels?

I am looking for content, I like the platform but don’t have much to watch. …


Also it’s just straight up punk and more free

I mean if someone gains access to your unlocked device they can install a keylogger and whatnot, so I don’t think this is a huge issue anyways

idk they might be a really cool and respectful person

It’s because they aren’t trying to sell as many t-shirts as possible (like fashion retailers) but instead sell to their hardcore fans. People who are willing to wear a LTT shirt might even be happy if it’s just for those who really identify with it instead of random people buying it to use as a t-shirt.

tl;dr: because they can

What's the deal with SESSION, Lokinet, $OXEN and LLARP

Lokinet is a onion-router (like tor, i2p) implementation of the LLARP protocol which tries to be a modern re-implementation of i2p. [Session](https:/…


It’s pretty entertaining I think, takes a little bit of time to understand what’s going on but there is are lots of VODs to re watch and he streams >10 hours per day lately. …