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Another solution would be to have a persistent, live pendrive that boots on all the computers one develops on. Something like NomadBSD comes to mind. From a quick search, it looks like Ubuntu can support persistence as well.

It is possible to hide the voting status by un-checking Show Scores on the Settings page.

They run their fingers across the lines to read the patterns by touch.

I’m usually running late when I need to bike, so stretching is atypical. I’m nearly always out for an ancillary reason, not purely for the sake of cycling.

Thanks for sharing! Finally, a real reason to use XFCE.

xsetroot -solid black was about as much effort as I wanted to put into how my desktop looks. And besides, I couldn’t be a 1337 hax0r if I used something more friendly looking :P

Is this fvwm, or something similar? It’s a great looking desktop! :D

Linux Mint endeavors to stay snap-free. Might be of interest, even if it doesn’t ship with KDE by default.

Largely because I both like it and think it under-utilized.

It should re-direct one to a creepy video with the mark of the devil, vi vi vi, all over it.

I find incorrect verb tenses to be more annoying, which is unfortunately becoming the norm in places for which this is not a variation due to dialect. Things such as, could have ran, drank, sang, or swore, and so on, in the stead of the correct could have run, drunk, sung, and sworn.

If one chooses to forgo the manual pages and the manual page viewer, that’s one’s own problem to solve.

Is that so? I often* say such things as coulda, musta, gotta, thinkin’, 'bout and s’pose, all of which feature word shortening or changed pronunciation, yet produce negligible effect 'pon mine orthography.

*pronounced without the t sound, you heathens! Unless you also say soften and fasten

Do note, however, that troff is generally used to output PostScript or PDF files, while nroff is used for the internal manpage formatting. The GNU version, groff, combines them into one. If one makes a README meant to be read in a terminal, the following will present a formatted version to the viewer, eliminating the need to view the raw source:

man ./README

There, no markdown pager, or reading of raw markdown necessary. Do not heed those others, who speak of “accepted standards.” :P

Sure, it’s not exactly great that he seems to get views for this sort of obscenity. However, the system rewards many types of videos encompassing a wide berth of topics and styles.

In any case, it behooves one to hold values besides fame and money.

"Intro to USB drivers for Plan9 and 9Front" by adventuresin9
As someone who has encountered unsupported peripherals, this quick look into how drivers work was fascinating to see.

"The north-German state of Schleswig-Holstein plans to switch to open source software, including LibreOffice, in its administration and schools. In doing so, the state wants to reduce its dependence on proprietary software, and eventually end it altogether. By the end of 2026, Microsoft Office is to be replaced by LibreOffice on all 25,000 computers used by civil servants and employees (including teachers), and the Windows operating system is to be replaced by GNU/Linux." This article by Mike Saunders shows several photos from the Open Source conference, also linking to an interview with the Digital Minister Jan Philipp Albrecht and a PDF of the Parliment's Planning. (both in German)