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Got my family hooked a week ago. Don’t get the apps, just use the website. Here’s how to play the past games: https://metzger.media/games/wordle-archive/

Not corporately owned and thus I assume I am less of a data point for ad revenue.

Lol good one. I mean, how official are you then? What are your qualifications over anyone else on the internet?

Not shit talking Here, just playing devil’s advocate for the sake of argument that everyone has their own facts.

So then who’s facts are fact-facts?

I think its okay and even healthy to be bored.

When you’re bored your mind turns to thinking instead of absorbing. We absorb a lot of information but do little to process it. An exception might be made for those in school I suppose.

But even when away from a cell phone or computer your mind still thinks about the internet…it’s still there. You need a hard break, but it’s not that easy because those around you need hard breaks too or you’ll be talking to someone distracted.

Now to your question, I do believe it makes folks lonely because there’s too much stimuli, too much to find out, too many people to talk to. Its never enough but we try. It’s exhausting and not as rewarding as actual human interactions.

It’s easy to say take a look at your life and change it, but when everyone you know is glued to a phone too, it’s now lonely being the only disconnected one.

Years of internet social media has disabused many of that idea, whether orchestrated by an outside entity, or simply via intermingling with other peoples. The backlash is the rampant nationalism that is sure to take over next go around.

I shouldn’t have to do this, plus google says other services may require different naming scheme.

“Each Location service provider operates independently. Other providers can see the SSID method of opting out. We encourage other providers to respect the “_nomap” tag as a way to opt out from inclusion in a Location server”

I try to pay cash at small businesses. Having that much on hand is not really convenient

Do you think companies are tracking you in the fediverse and tying it to your larger ad profile?

I’m sure it’s happening but if the fediverse gets big you can bet your car that they will deanonymize you in the fedi. …

Good point

I often see the talk about expansion but I don’t think even this server has hit its limit of channel overcrowding. I see it more of cells dividing, one instance splitting off when enough folks decide they can make their own “colony”. Otherwise, it’ll be like a few instances I’ve seen around - 3 folks posting on every sub.

Ultimately people want to be a part of a community, but only one that’s not too small that its boring or too large that you’re lost in the mix and folks are annoying. This instance seems to have that mix right now, and as it expands I hope folks break off in large groups to expand the community.

Not really one memory, but I miss being a child and doing the huge family gatherings.

Is there a privacy focused mastodon instance similar to what privacy tools had? I

I miss that little niche community. Also not really interested in the privacy guides matrix server - I like the microblogging format vs chat. …

No one wants to talk to an empty room. That’s why I joined this Lemmy instance.

The Gay Science by Nietzsche

The Silo Series by Hugh Howey

Glad to see someone is finally making this a TV series, apple TV grabbed it earlier this year.


(Sorry I don’t know how to make links in lemmur yet)

Thanks for all the great responses