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China's crypto policies appear to be shifting. From bans on trading and mining in 2021 to this year encouraging state run banks to offer crypto companies in Hong Kong banking accounts, a change is in the air. On this episode, NLW looks at a recent Web 3 paper from Beijing and Hong Kong's new exchange rules. Enjoying this content? \* SUBSCRIBE to the Podcast: []( \* Watch on YouTube: []( \* Subscribeto the newsletter: []( \* Join the discussion: []( Follow on Twitter: \* NLW: []( \* Breakdown: [](

Dutch government refuses to release any WEF “Digital Currency Governance Consortium” document to H.O.R.
Unbelievable after half a year (!) of waiting (while parliamentary questions must be answered within six weeks at the latest) The cabinet refuses to send a single document about the [WEF “Digital Currency Governance Consortium”](,%2C%20and%20Latin%20America%2FCaribbean.) to the House of Representatives, partly because the queen is involved.

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